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Ronaldo's goal is then collapse. Mourinho showing off his ear


Mourinho's movement at the end of the game. NEW Bozza

Mourinho's movement at the end of the game. NEW Bozza

There are evenings where everything changes in an instant and a party turns into jokes. And what was at first in a stadium dressed for a party that was glad for the courage of Cristiano Ronaldo and then dressed for a party horrified for Manchester United's return to the final conclusion signed by Mata and Alex Sandro's own goal. It reached. The set-pieces scored two goals on the Achilles heel of Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo's first goal in the Champions League with Juventus is that Manchester United and a Portuguese coach like him, Jos Mourinho, oppose a team with whom he had studied but was not in a relationship with Real. he said. it's been calm for a long time, but it didn't work, because now everything is discussed in eighth place for qualification.

Allegri confirms the attack of Old Trafford (Cuadrado and Dybala and CR7), and De Sciglio returning from the first minute after the injury and Cancelo and Matuidi, who replaced the Khedira. The stadium is full (collection record with 4,194,190 euros) and applause for him: hot and spare treatment antipodes Mourinho Mourinho (accompanied by whistlers) and the old Pogba expo. The game was immediately cleared by Cristiano Ronaldo, who had been cleared for a corner. There was another good opportunity for Juventus: a shot shot by Cuadrado's Matik and then touching De Gea out of the door, but the short rebound is estimated by Lindelof in Dybala (one of the best). Juve doesn't enchant it, but it certainly plays better, makes a good ball, pushes it on good wings and has Bentancur, especially in the midfield, and is more cautious in the United States 4-3-3, Martial and Alexis. On the side of Sanchez Lingard, but ready to hit at break. The only real opportunity for English before December is coming to Alexis Sanchez, who hasn't included Matic's proposal in an empty outlet of Szczesny.

In the second half, Juventus raises its speed and after a few minutes it hits the cross with Dybala. An hour later the quarter comes the divine moment: the spectacular launch of Bonucci and Ronaldo on the right without an escape. The Portuguese show continued with a punishment on the cross, while Pjanic and Cuadrado took advantage of two good opportunities to double. And this is the sin of Juventus: don't guarantee the match to double. Manchester creates something less cynical and wins in the final. After a few minutes before the deadly punishment of the newly entered Mata, the regiment network comes in 90: Another penalty of Young, but finally Alex Sandro touching his shoulder. While the hated Mourinho is celebrated with a controversial gesture of the ear, the stadium dumbfounded: a game was thrown.

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