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Roads after the collapse – Genoa, Corso Perrone opens domattinaBucci: Step forward to Valpolcevera | Liguria | Genoa

Corso Perrone Closing

Corso Perrone Closing

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Genoa – "Corso Perrone will be reopened tomorrow morning and will be a big step for Valpolcevera". The mayor of Genoa is a bit amazing Marco BucciMorandi bridge reconstruction commissioner, on the right bank of the Polçevera flood, between the valley and the rest of the city between the rest of the direct and off-highway link, which will double the way, tomorrow morning will be returned to citizens announced. November and Friday evening is not what you had originally hoped for.

In fact, the work on the realization of the pellet, the structure of protection, is almost completeMaterial drop from abutments to the west of the viaduct. The mayor spoke of the opening session of Bolzaneto, the new Court's closeness, to facilitate the lives of the citizens of the Valley. «Tomorrow Corso Perrone – then he remembers Bucci – I suggest to reopen in Perlasca no later than two weeks after the bridge began to crush the top 9 of the pylon this morning».

With the reopening of Corso Perrone e Waiting with Perlasca If all streets of Valilcevera are excluded with Walter Fillak, which is exactly in the red zone below Morandi's pylon 10, it will be reapplied. In addition, Corso Perrone, as in June 30, will be regulated by a traffic light connected to the sensors connected to the abutments.

Bucci: «Let's download another wall»

"Let's get another wall down!" For this reason, the mayor of Genoa and the rebuilding of the Morandi bridge, Marco Bucci, said on Wednesday that the traffic on Corso Perrone, scheduled for "early morning", should be reopened. Arasındaki It is an important link between the neighborhoods of the northern area of ​​the Morai bridge and the Campi region and the rest of the West – an important step that will help the viability of all Valpolcevera “.

Bucci: "Local employment is important"

"We cannot put up with restrictions, but the demolition and reconstruction project of the Morandi bridge can be of great interest to us in terms of employment." In this way, Marco Bucci, mayor of the city of Genoa and restructuring commissioner, answers the question of whether local labor can be assessed in the process that will lead to the selection of the winning project. Bucci reiterated what would be the parameters that would lead the broker to make a decision on the sidelines of the opening of the new proximity table at the Genoa Court in Bolzaneto, Valpolcevera: "Not only time and cost, but also quality, maintenance costs, duration of work According to the mayor, there are Italian companies that can realize the project: "You will give priority to these features, then I believe that we can do good things in Italy with good and low cost".

Toti: «I promise»

. Tomorrow morning, we will reopen Corso Perrone with Mayor Marco Bucci, we will be closed to traffic after the collapse of Morandi Bridge Yar. This was announced this morning by the head of the Ligurian Region and the Morandi bridge Giovanni Toti's emergency commissioner on Facebook and commented: Facebook Valpolcevera kept good news for districts and city traffic: solve the emergency situation, we love this Liguria ».

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