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Remo Girone: Eğer If I didn't have a bladder tumor, my career would be different »


Bal I wonder what my career would be if it weren't for a bladder tumor ü: Remo Girone, a painful confession to Caterina Balivo in the öğ Come to Me öğ container in the afternoon. In fact, Girone's face is inextricably linked to the character of Tano Cariddi de La Piovra. And after that abuse, despite many participants in fiction and games, the actor could no longer play an equally popular role. And the depiction given was the wicked attack when attacking his script: "When I discover that La Piovra is exactly the bladder tumor – he says. I've been better, but some even said they were dying. They changed me and put me in the middle of the lawyers." Fortunately my wife Vittoria was close to me. I don't always believe in God, but in those moments, I'll stick to something.

7 November 2018 (7 November 2018, 17:20)


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