Thursday , February 25 2021


Yesterday’s victory with Crotone has a bittersweet taste. Sweet because you are back to victory, you don’t score, you score three points, like three points and like the third partial place in the rankings. It’s painful because Juventus could easily score two more points and still win the first leg crying out for revenge. These lost points are heavy, really heavy, and Juventus will definitely have to find a way to save them, perhaps by trying to win some tough matches like Saturday’s.

REGRET – Seeing this Crotone’s defensive fragility, his vulnerability also being seen in the first standing, regrets are there and very heavy, for example in Calabria, in the absence of Ronaldo’s covid, a heavy absence as completely nonexistent is Federico, which forces Bianconeri into an even higher uphill match. It was canceled for a good dose of bad luck and a goal, like Chiesa’s deportation and Morata’s mission. If Juventus had played as it is today, or had he not scored more carefully, at least, we would be talking about a livelier championship challenge today. It will be a shame for Juventus to lose the title by a few points, it means that this match and this misstep are decisive.

Andrea Pirlo’s team must continue to win, for no regret, starting with Ivan Juric’s difficult home, who stopped Bianconeri in the first match on Saturday and lowered Sarri in their return last year.

A big Juve, a game of sacrifice and attention, because bianconeri needs 5-6 consecutive victories to experience at least record-breaking emotions, Juve is in third place to date and nothing more.

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