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Qualified from Canada, Argentina flies. Nadal's Spain rescued from extremes – OA Sport

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01.54 I would like to thank all of you to Italy, for example the United States, the hopes of second place or the Iberians against Croatia, for following us and continuing to do so tomorrow. Good night, tennis fans!

01.53 Spain defeated Russia 2-1 after today's day: Roberto Bautista Agut's defeat against Andrej Rublev, Rafael Nadal's victories over Karen Khachanov and two of the day He turned against his bachelor, thanks to Granollers / Lopez's dual show. Even on European night, I've sold it. Iberians won 6-4 7-6 (5) at the end of a great game full of hits, in addition to the home offensive game driven by Caja Magica, which they had been waiting on the last day of the month. Tomorrow's bands … or better today.



6-5 SPAIN MATCH POINT! Granollers are closed to the network.

5-5 Lopez imitates him.

Perfect before 5-4 Rublev.

4-4 Granols stop on low volley cassette.

Good before 4-3 Granollers.

3-3 Regarding the deep attack of the Granollers in the lobby of Khachanov: field change.

3-2 They are pushing the Russians: Khachanov's right to left

2-2 The first heights of the Russians.

2-1 Avoid Khachanov's backhand in the second shot of Lopez.

1-1. After the premiere of Lopez, he was crushed by the Granollers.

1-0 Bravo Khachanov, who believes in him and crosses two Spanish subnets.

6-6 With some risks, Spain severed partial ties.

40-30 Russian answer is on the tape.

30-30 Rublev does not exceed! He was an interesting passenger …

15-30 OTHER NETWORK ERROR! The strong answer that Granollers didn't come from.

0-15 WHAT KHACHANOV RIGHT! Russian Granollers pit and landing net.

5-6 Herkov still at zero: insured for Russia insured.

40-0 Great change made by the Russians who are close to the central network.

30-0 before the deep service of Khachanov.

5-5 Lopez before external.

Ace 40-15 by Lopez.

30-15 Granollers hit the right of Rublev.

15-15 Attacks Granollers: waxing ball.

Good before 15-0 Lopez.

4-5 Russia continues: match in progress.

40-0 Another first Russian grazing.

30-0 Spain hawk was not accepted before Rublev despite eye demand.

4-4 Khachanov's answer is long.

Well before 40-0 Granollers, then closes the target.

30-0 The wall of two subnet players is a wall: Rublev cannot pass.

3-4 The fragmentation of Khachanov and Rublev.

40-0 Rublev takes the passer from the right of the Granollers.

30-0 good before Khachanov.

3-3 Spain is simply perfect: Lopez beats, Granollers close.

40-0 Following the winner in the center, he follows the Granollers network.

15-0 line from Lopez: Granollers hit the volley first, then hit.

2-3- The other ace for Rublev rising after a double foul.

30-15 Another item before Rublev.

15-15 Ace of the Russians.

0-15 double foul for Rublev

2-2 Balance in the Magic Caja.

40-15 Subnet error in Lopez, Khachanov's answer.

30-0 Rublev right along.

15-0 Granoller service and network closure of Lopez.

1-2 The Russian closes for the first time without any service problems.

30-0 good for Khachanov first.

1-1 fast game service.

40-0 Bravissimo Granollers subhand with backhand volley.

Good before 15-0 Lopez.

0-1 Slow Lopez in response.

40-15 along the back of the Granollers.

Good before 30-15 Rublev.

15-15 Rublev immediately attacks Lopez: wide volleyball only.


01.06 – Spain has conquered the first set in 4, after 9 games after entering the ninth game, in the service of Khachanov, all of which will be played. Madrid gloats.


6-4 THE FIRST SET OF SPAIN! Iberian show.

40-0 Ace Lopez and score three sets!

15-0 GRANOLLERS RED! A big blow to Khachanov's passerby.



40-40 Khachanov cancel the break ball!

40-AD Granollers pushes! Ninth break ball.


Clear right in response by 15-40 Granollers.

0-40 TRE PALLE BREAK SPAIN! You're loading Madrid.

0-30 Other error, this time Rublev, subnet.

KHACHANOV 0-15 ERROR! The Russians do not see the movement of the Granollers and shoot at it: Spanish spots.

4-4 LOPEZE THESE DEFENSE! Spanish volleyball is back.

40-0 perfect before Spain.

30-0 Granollers Serves and Volleyball: Volley Place.

3-4 Balance in Madrid.

40-30 Great regulation of Rublev.

30-30 Lopez closes with the network: parity.

30-15 Net Khachanov under the net: volley at the close.

15-0 Ace di Rublev.

Ace 3-3 by Lopez.

40-30 Lopez is out of service.

40-15 GRAN PASSANTE DI RUBLEV! The hole in the granollers.

A small answer less than 30-0 Rublev.

Good before 15-0 Lopez.

2-3 Another wrong answer from Granollers who didn't use break balls during the game.

40-40 Granollers' answer is wide!

40-RUBLEV ERROR! The network in the lobby of Lopez was collapsed.

40-40 chance to spend two more wasted for Spain.

30-40 Hankov Aces.

15-40 STILL TWO BALL BREAKS SPAIN! Feliciano Lopez attacked the net and walked in.

0-30 Very good Granollers in answer: Lopez closes.

Excellent backhand covered in response to 0-15 Lopez.

2-2 Quick Play: Another service at zero.

40-0 Ace from Granollers.

Good before 15-0 Granollers.

1-2 Russia won service crossing to zero.

40-0 Still a good first for Russian.

30-0 The other ace for Rublev.

1-1 Two race cars in a row for Lopez.

30-0 Granollers smash without pity.

15-0 Spaniards have always been attacked two: Rublev is aggressive but the Granollers are defending himself.

0-1 Rublev closes to the right: Russia started by canceling two break points.

AD-40 is good before Russian.

40-40 Performance of the Iberian subnet: Rublev defends himself with a lob, but Lopez shoots.

AD-40 Rublev closes Lopez's soft response.

Two perfect firsts for 40-40 Khachanov!

15-40 Double instant break ball for Spain!

15-30 Granollers and Lopez attacked the network: left-handed point.

15-0 First Russian is good.

0-0 We start with the last match of the day! Beats Khachanov.


0.23 Start heating.

00.21 Players on the pitch! Confirm double occurrences.

00.20 Surprise of the day was Kazakhstan's victory over the Netherlands: Is the 2019 Davis Cup unpredictable so far?

00.18 Among the results to be reported, Argentina, Chile and South Australia's derby, like Colombia and Australia: France competed, but Japan beat 2-1.

00.16 Whoever finishes group B can play against one of the second best teams: Italy-Spain in view?

00.14 Last year, Spain reached the 3-2 defeated semifinals against France: this year, the Iberians started directly from groups that were home to the new Davis format.

00.12 Russia, which made last quarter's final against Austria in the first round against Switzerland, defeated Croatia in group B as hard as 3-0 in the hope of winning Spain this evening. . .

00.11 Khachanov suffered the first defeat of the year at the Davis Cup after winning 3 in the singles and two in the first: the leader of Russia.

00.10 Instead of Rafael Nadal, his first goal was against Karen Khachanov, the big one who bravely defeated 6-3 7-6 for the home side and canceled a final match point.

00.08 Roberto Bautista Agut lost 3-6 6-3 7-6 (0) against Andrej Rublev to forget the Iberian reserve, which was the reserve for both the Laver Cup and the Finals in 2019.

00.05 So, all the challenges of an endless day are over, and he will still see someone as heroes: Spain and Russia will compete with the Tarpischev team in Group B, which can beat in the first place.

00.03 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: GAME GROUPS AND MIXTURES / THOMPSON! The fantastic match in which the duo of Madrid won 6-3 3-6 7-6 (6) was defeated after being collected and then 4 match points were canceled. Australia or Belgium will challenge Canada in the quarterfinal on Thursday with equal points.

00.00 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: MATRIX IN MADRID! Peers / Thompson canceled 4 points of the match and rose to 6-6 in field changes!

23.56 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Mini break for the Cabal / Farah pair. South Americans draw 4-2.

23.53 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: After having a match point, Peers-Thompson began defeating Cabal / Farah in a decisive draw.

23.52 Meanwhile, Giorgio Spalluto from Supertennis has reportedly failed to reach 3 of the 4 players from Canada: the US won a table of 6-0 6-0 and raised his score in the ranking. In doing so, Italy will have to fight even more to qualify.

23.50 will be a major challenge for group B: now the situation is 1-1 after Rublev's victory against Bautista Agut and Nadal against Khachanov.

23.47 The doppisti of the last match between Spain and Russia should drop in 25 minutes: right now, Granollers / Lopez F. should play against today's singles, Andrej Rublev and Karen Khachanov.

11.45 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Spouses and Thompson secured tie-break safety! Cabal and Farah still have to defend themselves in service.

23.42 SPAIN-RUSSIA: GAME GROUP AND MATCH RAFAEL NADAL! The Spaniard won a match 6-3 7-6 and won a tough match against Karen Khachanov, who brought the first match home. Soon, you will be the decisive couple to close an endless day.

23.39 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Cabal and Farah will of course be used to avoid losing after the change. Australian duo ahead 5-4.

23.34 SPAIN-RUSSIA: the draw! The Russians are good at capturing after two mini-breaks: Nadal and Khachanov from 3-3.

23.32 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Maintains the dual balance between the two countries. Peer / Thompson leader 4-3.

23.28 SPAIN-RUSSIA: In the meantime, we fly to the tie in the second set between Nadal and Khachanov.

23.27 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: CONTROBREAK CABAL / FARAH! Endless match in the third double set: South Americans mock Peers and Thompson.

23.24 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Karen Khachanov climbed 6-5 in the second set to draw.

23.22 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: BREAK PEERS / THOMPSON! The Kangaroo duo flies 3-1 and has a chance of elongation.

23.19 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Nadal is likely to be exchanged for 40-30 and regain service. 5-5 in Madrid.

11.17 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Peers / Thompson remains in the first set by staying 1 to 1 in 2 matches in the third match. Cabal and Farah chase each other.

23.14 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Khachanov was rescued from a hypothetical match point or nearly a break when he canceled the ball and climbed 5-4 in the second set. Nadal serves for a partial stay.

23.05 CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the meantime, the first team qualified in the quarterfinals decided to retain their strength. Pospisil and Shapovalov retired from the couple against Querrey and Sock.

23.03 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 1-1 MADRID! Cabal and Farah win the second set in 6 3 matches and bring the challenge to the third set.

22.59 SPAIN-RUSSIA: The headscarf continues in the second set between the two heroes. Khachanov has played 3 games in 4 games.

10.57 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Cabal and Farah escaped from the second set with a 5-2 draw.

22.50 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Cabal / Farah confirmed the break and escaped at 4-1.

22.47 SPAIN-RUSSIA: The second set is very balanced between Nadal and Khachanov. Both were very solid in service.

22.42 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: BREAK CABAL / FARAH! The Australian duo increased 2-0 in a match against Australia: the second set's inertia moved to South America.

22.40 SPAIN-RUSSIA: The wave of balance continues in the struggle for Madrid. Khachanov holds the service and climbs the second set by 2-1.

22.36 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: FIRST SET FLOW / THOMPSON! Kangaroos won the first set by winning 6 matches in 3 games against the Colombian two-man Cabal / Farah.

22.34 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: BREAKFAST RECOMMENDED / THOMPSON! The Australian duo takes a break and rises 5-3 in the first lot.

22.32 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Khachanov wins service against Nadal and opens the second set.

22.30 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Leading 4 matches in 4 / Peers. This was no surprise in the first set.

22.24 SPAIN-RUSSIA: THE FIRST SET NADAL! Rafael Nadal won the first half in 3 matches against Karen Khachanov in Madrid.

22.22 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: The Peers / Thompson pair continues ahead of Cabal / Farah before 3 games: Australia has canceled two break points in the fifth game.

22.15 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Eventually the Russians were rescued but don't worry Nadal: 5-2 for Spain in service.

22.09 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Unlimited play in the Russian service: Khachanov canceled two break points in the first set to avoid permanent 5-1.

22.05 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Double starts between Peers / Thompson and Cabal / Farah.

22.00 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Rafael Nadal's break to Karen Khachanov confirmed: Iberia is pushing ahead 4-1.

21.58 CANADA-UNITED STATES: GAME GROUP AND SHOP SHAPOVALOV! Canadian 7-6 6-3 defeated Taylor Fritz and Canada to the quarter finals: now it's hard for Italy!

21.52 SPAIN-RUSSIA: BREAK NADAL! Play # 1 Caja Magica charge in the world! Spain ahead 3-1.

21.50 CANADA-UNITED STATES: Shapovalov does not shake and the game gains advantages. For qualified Canadians 5-2.

21.45 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Both players have no problems with the service. Madrid warms up: 2-1 for Nadal.

21.41 CANADA-UNITED STATES: match to the end. Shapovalov climbs to 4-1: Fritz hangs with a rope.

21.36 CANADA-UNITED STATES: Avoid Shapovalov! Canadian flies 3-0 against Fritz.

21.35 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Nadal began to serve well against Khachanov. 1-0 for Iberians.

21.31 CANADA-UNITED STATES: SHAPOVALOV BREAK! The 1999 class was in a great form: the Paris-Bercy finalist took a break and went 2-0 against Taylor Fritz.

21.29 CANADA-UNITED STATES: Shapovalov started as he finished the first set! Partial holds the service in the first game.

21.25 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Rafael Nadal on the field! Spain's warming up against Karen Khachanov.

21.24 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: GAME GROUP AND MATINA DE MINAUR! NextGen Finals 2019 finalist 6-4 6-3 Galan left Riveros behind and took home the second spot of the kangaroos.

21.23 CANADA-UNITED STATES: FIRST SET SHAPOVALOV! Canadians win the first set against Taylor Fritz: Canada with 8 points in their first draw in the first set.

21.16 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: BREAK RIVEROS! The Colombians take advantage of a single chance to take a break and re-open the set despite being under 5 games in 3.

21.12 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Galan Riveros canceled a match point, but the fight is now in danger. De Minaur will serve in the game in front of 5-2.

21.10 CANADA-UNITED STATES: Fritz is shaking because he will stay ahead of the set and making sure he is 6-5 ahead.

21.05 CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the second set between Denis Shapovalov and Taylor Fritz, he goes head-to-head: Americans take the lead 5-4.

21.02 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: The break of Alex de Minaur, who rose 4-1 in the second set against Galan Riveros.

21.00 CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the second set of the day, Taylor Fritz leads 4-3 against Denis Shapovalov.

20.58 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set, de Minaur took a 2-1 lead against Galan Riveros.

20.57 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Rublev beats Roberto Bautista Agut (3-6 6-3 7-6) in three sets, giving the Russians an important point. It is now up to Rafael Nadal to heal against Khachanov.

20.56 CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the first set 3-3, Shapovalov defends the service without worry, beats Fritz.

20.55 SPAIN-RUSSIA: This comes with 0-5, a Rublev steam cylinder at this stage of the third set.

20.54 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Rublev with 0-3 ahead and two mini-breaks in front of Bautista.

20.53 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set at 2-0, Minaur reinforces the opening break against Galan Riveros.

20.52 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 2-3, Fritz will serve in the first set, while Shapovalov will be defeated.

20.51 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 6-6 and draw in the third set. Exceptional reverse line from Rublev.

20.48 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set, 1-0 was broken at the start of Minaur, which started this season against Galan Riveros.

20.47 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 2-2 in the first set between Shapovalov and Fritz.

20.46 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Bautista, which is 6-5 in the third set, easily maintains the service that is guaranteed to be easily tear-off. Now Rublev will have to stay in the match.

20.45 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 5-5 in the third set, the determined Rublev continues to serve, now it's up to Bautista to go to the bar.

20.44 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 2-1, Fritz continues to serve this time and advances against Shapovalov in the first set.

20.43 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 6-4, de Minaur won the first part against Colombian Galan Riveros.

20.42 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 1-1 Fritz saved Shapovalov's late holiday in this first set.

20.41 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 5-4, other stopping points canceled by Bauista in this third set. Rublev will serve to stay in the match.

20.40 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 5-4, Galan Riveros holds the service, but now Minaur goes on to close the first set.

20.37 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 5-3, de Minaur serves against Galan Riveros and sees success in the first set.

20.34 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 1-0 started with Shapovalov breaking against Fritz in this first set. A great start for Canadians.

20.33 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 4-4, Rublev once again rescued himself and precisely canceled the two break points and continued the point-to-point struggle of the third set.

20.32 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 4-3, de Minaur took a break against Galan Riveros in the first set.

20.27 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 4-3 In this third set, Bautista Agut holds the service and the fight against Rublev continues.

20.24 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 3-3, de Minaur is trying to fight against Colombian Galan Riveros in the first set.

20.21 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 3-3 Rublev affects this third set and now we start with Bautista Agut.

20.17 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 3-2 against Rublev again! Infinite challenge to Magic Caja.

20.15 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 2-3, Galan Riveros continues to perform well in service in this first set.

20.12 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 2-2, de Minaur attacked Galan Riveros in the first set.

20.11 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 3-1, the end of Bautista Agut was chosen by Rublev with a backhand error. The Spaniard must now strengthen his advantage.

20.08 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: The match between 1-2, Minaur and Galan Riveros started without a break with South America.

20.04 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 2-1, Rublev is very good to save the late break in this third set against Bautista. The struggle continues.

19.56 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 7-6 7-6 Pospisil's win against Opelka gives Canada an important score. Soon Shapovalov and Fritz will be on the field.

7.52 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 1-0 Bautista holds service against Rublev and starts this third set well.

19.51 CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the draw of Pospisil who is close to winning this match against Opelka 4-2.

19.49 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 3-6 Rublev returns the favor to Bautista Agut and wins the second part. You go to the third cluster.

7.48pm CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the second set 6-6, the tie between Pospisil and Opelka continues.

7.45 pm SPAIN-RUSSIA: Have a break from 3-5! Rublev finally decided against Bautista Agut for the ninth opportunity. The Russian will serve to close the second part.

19.44 CANADA-UNITED STATES: Opelka, 5-6 in the second set, keeps the service at zero and guarantees this partial reconciliation. Keeping the tour on target will now be up to Pospisil.

7.42pm CANADA-UNITED STATES: On 5-5 sets, Pospisil continues its service roll with Opelka. Once the Americans have lost the first part of the tie, they will have a rhythm.

7.40pm SPAIN-RUSSIA: 3-4 is another very fighting game and Rublev controls in the second set game.

19.38 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 4-5 Opelka serves in this second set and will now have to serve for Pospisil to remain partially.

19.37 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Baustista Agut, 3-3 in the second set, keeps his turn by canceling a few breaking points for Rublev with nails and teeth.

19.35 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 4-4 maintains the balance between Opelka and Pospisil in the second part. The American will serve.

19.32 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 3-4 Opelka continues to show great continuity in service. Pospisil will now ask for his own joke in the second set.

19.30 CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the second set, 3-3 and Pospisil approved a sentence. Opelka will serve.

19.30 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Kyrgios closes comfortably against Gonzalez with a score of 6-4, giving him the first place in the Australian election.

19.29 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 2-3 Rublev continues to serve in this second set, very difficult match. Bautista will take a shot.

19.27 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 2-3 Opelka maintains service with great ease and now it's time for Pospisil to become the rhythm.

19.25 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set 5-4, Gonzalez owns the service, but now the Kyrgyzs will go to the rhythm to close the match.

19.24 SPAIN-RUSSIA: In the second set, 2-2 took a break with Bautista and Rublev. Iberian, just beyond a section.

19.23 CANADA-UNITED STATES: In the second set, 2-2 continues to serve against Pospisil Opelka and the struggle of the line continues.

19.21 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set, 5-3 is very close to his success against Kyrgios, Gonzalez.

19.20 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 1-2 other games entered service with Opelka and Pospisil failed to respond.

19.18 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 1-1 returns against Opelka in favor of Pospisil, which holds service in the second set to zero.

19.17 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 1-2 In the second set, several breakpoints in Bautista should be canceled and Rublev should suffer.

7.15pm CANADA-UNITED STATES: 0-1 served zero against Pospisil, who won the first set to zero in Opelka in the second set.

19.14 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set 3-3, Kyrgios holds the service and the balance continues with Gonzalez in the second part. The Australian won the first part.

19.11 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 7-6 (5), in favor of Pospisil against Opelka in the first set. A very demanding fraction.

19.10 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set 2-3, Gonzalez protects the service and refuses to attack Kyrgyzstan, which will be joking.

09/19 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 1-1 Bautista-Agut service in the second part against Rublev after winning the Spanish first.

19.06 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 0-1 In this opening game of the second set, Rublev maintains its service.

04.19 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set 2-2, the Kyrgyz are always in service.

19.03 UNITED STATES-CANADA: 6-6, the first set was decided in the draw decision between Pospisil and Opelka.

19.02 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 6-3, after canceling two break points, won his first leg against Bautista Agut Rublev.

19.01 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 1-2 Gonzalez gives two break points against the Kyrgyz in this game.

18.57 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 6-5 holds the Pospisil service and Opelka jokes to stay in the first part.

6.56 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set 1-1, Kyrgios gave nothing to Gonzalez.

4.55pm SPAIN-RUSSIA: 5-3, Rublev protects the service and now Bautista Agut goes to bat to close the fraction.

18.54 CANADA-UNITED STATES: Opelka canceled a setpoint in Pospisil and then maintained the service. 5-5 in the first lot.

18.52 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the second set, 0-1 serves against Gonzalez Kyrgios.

18.51 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 5-2, Bautista Agut holds the service and goes to 5-2 in the first set. Rublev will serve you for a partial stay.

18.50 CANADA-UNITED STATES: Pospice holds service in the first set (5-4) and now Opelka is trying to stay in the first part.

6.49 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: In the first set, Kyrgios closed at 6-4 against Gonzalez.

18.48 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 4-2 holds Rublev service, which has finished a negative series in the first set.

18.47 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 5-4, Gonzalez holds the service, but now the Kyrgyz are going to close the first part.

18.46 CANADA-UNITED STATES: 4-4 Opelka maintains and maintains the balance in the match against Pospisil.

18.42 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 4-1 Bautista confirms that the previous foul has been broken in the presence of a very foul Rublev.

18.40 UNITED STATES-CANADA: 3-3, between Opelka and Pospisil. The balance remains.

18.39 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 5-3 The Kyrgyz confirmed that they had taken a break in the first set.

18.39 SPAIN-RUSSI: 3-1, Roberto Bautista Agut, who took advantage of some of the mistakes Rublev used in the first part.


18.35: SPAIN-RUSSIA: In the first set 2-1, Bautista Agut continues to serve with great determination against Rublev.

18.34 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 4-2 between Australia, Kyrgios and Gonzalez relies on the strength of their services and confirms the gap.

18.31 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Between 3-2 and Kyrgyz and Gonzalez, he wants to confirm the advantage that is now achieved with the break of Australia.

18.30 UNITED STATES OF CANADA: Between Opelka and Pospisil 2-2.

18.29 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Rublev holds the service at 15, 1-1.

18.27 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 2-2 with the Kyrgyz and Gonzalez.

18.25 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Bautista provided service after recording two breakpoints.

18.22 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Kyrgios increased the score to 1-1.

18.22 UNITED STATES-CANADA: Pospisil entered service.

18.21 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Bautista Agut started to serve against Rublev!

18.20 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: The first game Gonzalez holds in service.

18.19 UNITED STATES-CANADA: The meeting between Reilly Opelka and Vasek Pospisil began.

18.18 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: The match between Nick Kyrgios and Alejandro Gonzalez has started!

18.12 SPAIN-RUSSIA: After the implementation of the national anthems, everything is ready for Bautista Agut-Rublev!

18.08 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Two teams enter the presentation area!

18.04 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Manolo Santana and Andrey Rublev of Roberto Bautista-Agut miss the first game that could be considered in today's big game!

5.40 pm When everything stops, the three new challenges will begin shortly after 18.00!

17.35 UNITED STATES-CANADA: Here are the matches of the struggle that interests us the most: Pospisil vs. Opelka, Shapovalov vs. Fritz, Querrey / Pospisil / Shapovalov.

17.33 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Here the couples are temporarily open: Formations: Gonzalez vs. Kyrgyz, Galan vs. De Minaur, Cabal / Farah vs. Peers / Thomson.

17.29 SPAIN-RUSSIA: You can find matches for two singles here: Rublev vs. Bautista-Agut and Khachanov vs. Nadal. The pair is currently scheduled against Granollers / Lopez, Khachanov / Rublev.

17.22 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert's first winner settled the dispute in favor of the French! 6-7 6-4 7-5 Double score in almost two hours and three quarters of the game!

17.18 FRANCE-JAPAN: Another break in favor of the French who continue to play in 6-5!

17.13 FRANCE-JAPAN: Control of McLachlan and Uchiyama against Herbert and Mahut: 5-5! The French had no match points.

17.11 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bublik beat Haase and Rojer with the 7-2 set of the third set! Kazakhstan scoring 6-4 7-6 defeated the Netherlands by 2-1!

17.06 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut break McLachlan and Uchiyama, the French ATP Finals winners!

17.05 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bublik bring a draw to the set!

17.03 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bublik stay in the second set for the Dutch at 6-5.

17.02 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut put into service, 4-4.

17:00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 5-5, we fight from point to point. Serve the Dutch again.

16:55 KAZAKHSTAN-NETHERLANDS: The Dutch, who have more than a few heartbeats, serve the Kazakhs 5-4 to stay in the match.

16:51 FRANCE-JAPAN: McLachlan and Uchiyama are still rescued, 3-2 for the Japanese couple struggling in batting rounds as the French look clearer.

16:47 KAZAKHSTAN NETHERLANDS: Head-to-head, in the second set, the Dutchman went ahead 4-3.

16:40 FRANCE-JAPAN: The Japanese couple fought, but in the third set for Japan 2-1.

16:36 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Two people started the second set, where the Dutch got ahead 2-1 but started without a break.

16:31 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Gonzalez and Mayer were bringing service down to zero and bringing Argentina to third, Chile hit 3-0.

16:28 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Gonzalez and Mayer, 6-5 in the second set, Argentina went ahead 3-0 in the calculation of points.

16:26 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The Kazakh couple, consisting of Kukushkin and Bublik, won the first set against Haase and Rojer for 6-4.

16:24 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 5-5 per second which is twice as much in South America.

16:20 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut bring home the second set for 6-4, everything will be decided by the third.

16:10 FRANCE-JAPAN: 4-3 for the French in the second set.

16:05 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 2-2 In the second set, the Chileans want to react after losing the first.

15:55 FRANCE-JAPAN: French break in the second set, transalpine 3-2 before and in service.

15:47 ARGENTINA-CHILE: If the Argentine team wins with 6-3, the first set, Albiceleste wants 3-0.

15:38 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Double Gonzalez / Mayer versus Podlipnik / Jarry, now 3-3 in the first set, started a little bit.

15:33 FRANCE-JAPAN: The Japanese couple have won the first set to 7-4, the Asians are trying to hit!

15:29 FRANCE-JAPAN: Turns on 3/3 of the triple plate, still providing excellent balance.

15:24 FRANCE-JAPAN: 6-6, we go to the prime minister.

15:20 FRANCE-JAPAN: For transalpine pairs 6-5, the Japanese are used to send the first set of dashes.

15:12 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert / Mahut-McLachlan / Uchiyama 4-1 meeting in the first set is in very balance so far.

15:08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Haase wins the 7-5 drinker and draws with Kazakhstan, a double decision for this challenge.

15:00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The match between Bublik and Haase will be decided in the third set!

14:57 FRANCE-JAPAN: The couple, composed by Hubert and Mahut, direct the first set 3-2 without a break.

14:50 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The difficulty between Bublik and Haase is 5-5 in the third set, and remains very narrow.

14:43 FRANCE-JAPAN: The pair that the decision of the challenge has begun.

14:38 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: There is still no break in the third set between Bublik and Haase, the Dutch 4-3.

14:34 FRANCE-JAPAN: The pair between Herbert / Mahut and McLachlan / Uchiyama will begin soon.

14:28 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Started the third set between Bublik and Haase without a break: score 2-2.

14:26 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman survived Garin in 1: 13 with a score of 6-2, 6-2. Argentina then beat Chile and called 3-0 double.

14:22 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Garin Scwartzman 5-2, taking a break and extending the second set.

14:14 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 5-0 against Garin for Schwartzman, one step from success in albiceleste.

14:10 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The inevitable Schwartzman! Another Argentine break that made the second set 4-0 and approached a comfortable win.

14:08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Bublik was forced to record two breakpoints before closing the second set to Haase for 6-3. The third set is decisive.

14:03 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 5-3 leading Kazakh Bublik in the second set serves to extend the fight against Haase to the third party.

14:01 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Argentina, taking a break at the start of the second Schwartzman set in Garin, rules the struggle of South America.

13:59 FRANCE-JAPAN: Now the score is 1-1, the winner of the final is clearly deciding that he will double with the preferred transalpine Herbert and Mahut.

13:56 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka closed the game at 15 and set Monfils in two sets (7-5, 6-2)!

13:54 FRANCE-JAPAN: A very important moment, the second set 5-2 leading Japanese Nishioka will be used for the win.

13:51 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: In the second set, the Bublik break took the lead 3-1 in the Kazakh side Haase.

13:47 FRANCE-JAPAN: MONFILES IN THE COMPLETE CRISIS! Another break in Nishioka's 4-1, serving in the second set.

13:44 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman sharpens everything by tearing the Garin line and winning the first set 6-2.

13:42 FRANCE-JAPAN: Break against Nishioka, Monfils! The Japanese driver manages the second set 2-1 after winning the first.

13:40 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Garin rescued Schwartzman from a break, now taking the first set to 5-2, Argentina should be careful.

13:38 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Haase maintains the service and wins the first set 7-5 against Bublik.

13:34 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The Dutch who have broken against Bublik from Haase will take the first set home.

13.30 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka wins the first set with Monfils. The Japanese imposed themselves for 7-5. Definitely a surprise result.

13.27 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman's double break against Garin. Argentine 4-0.

13.25 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka left in the eleventh game. The Japanese moved to 6-5 against Monfils.

13.23 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 4-4 in the first set between Bublik and Haase.

13.21 ARGENTINA-CHILE: A great start for Diego Schwartzman. Argentina is 3-0 ahead of Garin.

13.17 FRANCE-JAPAN: Great balance in the first set between Monfils and Nishioka. 4-4

13.12 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The challenge between Schwartzman and Garin is about to begin.

13.08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 2-2 between Bublik and Haase.

13.05 FRANCE-JAPAN: In the first set against Monishi, Nishioka took the lead 3-2.

13.00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The challenge between Bublik and Haase has started.

12.56 FRANCE-JAPAN: Between 1-1 and Monfils and Nishioka.

12.51: The match starts between Gael Monfils and Yoshihito Nishioka.

12.46: These are the challenges of the second round of singles.

Monfils (Fra) – Nishioka (Jap)
Bublik (Goose) – Haase (Ola)
Schwartzman (Arg) – Garin (Cil)

12.43: France, Argentina and Kazakhstan are all leading 1-0.

12.38 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Guido Pella wins. 6-4 6-3 against the Chilean Jar.

12.35 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Reserved for Pella in the eighth game. Argentine for 5-3.

12.28 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The only match in progress between Pella and Jarin. 3-3 in the second set.

12.23 KAZAKHSTAN NETHERLANDS: Very easy even for Mikhail Kukushkin. Double 6-2 for the Dutch van de Zandschulp. First point for Cossacks.

12.16 FRANCE-JAPAN: The French are leading the fight against Asians. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's victory in the first single. 6-2 6-1 – Yasutaka Uchiyama

12.10 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Mikhail Kukushkin stands out against the Dutch van de Zandschulp (6-2 4-2).

12.06 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Guido Pella conquers the first set, grabbing Jarry's service in the tenth game. Argentine for 6-4.

12.03 FRANCE-JAPAN: The absolute sovereignty of Tsonga. For the French, 6-2 4-0.

11.58 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Jarry corrects disadvantage breaks and shortens Pella by 5-4.

11.54 FRANCE-JAPAN: It's all easy for Tsonga. 6-2 2-0 for transalpine.

11.50 KAZAKHSTAN NETHERLANDS: Mikhail Kukushkin also won the first set. Net for Cossack against Dutch Van de Zandschulp 6-2

11.47 FRANCE-JAPAN: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga wins the first set! 6-2 For the French against Uchiyama.

11.43 ARGENTINA-CHILE: easy for Guido Pella, who is 4-1 ahead of Jarry in the first set.

11.39 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin's break takes off in the Netherlands at Van de Zandschulp 3-2

11.37 FRANCE-JAPAN: Tsonga reigns. The French are leading 4-1 in the first set against Uchiyama.

11.34 FRANCE-JAPAN: Break Tsonga too! In the first set for the French 3-1.

11.31 ARGENTINA-CHILE: What a start for Guido Pella! Instant break against Jarry. 2-0 in the first set.

11.26 FRANCE-JAPAN: Uchiyama also keeps the service good. 1-1 in the first set.

11.24 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The perfect start for Van de Zandschulp and Kukushkin. At the opening of the first set 1-1.

11.21 FRANCE-JAPAN: The perfect start for Tsonga, which keeps the service at zero. 1-0 for the Alps.

11.15 Final heating stages.

11.08: 11.15 The first encounters of the session of the day begin, not before.

11.02: Definitely waiting for the evening session. Spain will be guests of (Nadal games) and above all the basic United States-Canada for Italy. The success of the Americans will be the basis for Azzurri.

10.56: Very little is missing at the beginning of the day. These are the games we will follow.

Tsonga (Fra) – Uchiyama (Gia)
Pella (Arg) – Jar (Freckle)
Kukushkin (Goose) – Van de Zandschulp (Ola)

10.50 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The struggle has certainly fought too much. The sweaters came side by side and put Mikhail Kukushkin in line, soon to meet with Botic Van de Zandschulp.

10.45 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The South American derby is very interesting. The difficulty of seeing Argentina was somewhat preferred, but the war is expected. Guido Pella and Nicolas Jarry will start, then it's up to Diego Schwartzman and Christian Garin.

10.40 FRANCE-JAPAN: There is definitely an expectation for a France that presents itself with an excellent team and can target its final victory. Asians, on the other hand, are absolutely not competitive without Kei Nishikori. The challenge here will be Tsonga and Uchiyama.

10.36: The daily session starts at 11:00. These are three timed challenges.
Kazakhstan Netherlands

10.30: Good morning, this is the second day of the 2019 Davis Cup finals.

Presentation of the second day – Schedule of the second day

Hello and welcome back ALIVE second 2019 Davis Cup final day.

The first day of Spain's hosting. Rafa Nadal and his friends face Russia in an immediate decisive battle for the Red Furies. In fact, the Russians today beat Croatia 3-0, and with another victory the ticket to the quarterfinals was cut.

The same applies to Canada, which will face the United States. The match that closely concerns Italy, which is attacking the root for US victory (the best will be 2-1). A success for Canadians would eliminate all hope for the Corrado Barazzutti team to close in the first place, leaving only the possibility of returning to the first second.

It starts at 11.00 with three difficulties. Super France preferred Japan. The South American derby between Argentina and Chile is very interesting and there will also be a balance between Kazakhstan and the Netherlands with a small amount of Cossacks. The last challenge at 18.00 is the Aussies, who Aussies clearly predicted, putting Australia in front of Colombia.

OA Sport will offer you ALIVE Davis Cup & # 39; s second day 2019 final. It starts at 11:00. Have fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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