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PS3: 5 cents diode delayed launch!

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 appeared between them at very distant times. PS3 was launched in the autumn of 2006 to reach Europe in North America and Japan, then only in March 2007; While the Microsoft console was released in the west between November and December 2005, Sony's gecikme delay sebeb was a reason for this. Internal component of the cost of 5 cents.

The current Google Stadia vice president, Phil HarrisonIn the past he worked only at Sony and PlayStation 3 launch management. During a conversation with the editorial office of IGN America, Harrison talked about his work on the launch of PlayStation 3, as well as his work in Sony, Microsoft, Google and more.

Speaking from PS3, Harrison is sure Sony is sure Maintain the advantage of the production of PlayStation 2, but something did not go as planned; Şey What really slowed down the production of the hardware was a small component of the PlayStation 3. Unfortunately we could not do without this diode, it was absolutely necessary for the production of the PS3 Blu-Ray player and to postpone the start of the Console. "

With a really high launch price ($ 599), the release, which was postponed for several months, helped keep the PlayStation 3 from being sold immediately, but it turned out to be the competition for the entire Xbox 360. The spring of the seventh generation consoles. What do you think of this joke? Let us know in the comments section.

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