Tuesday , September 28 2021

Proceeds The Bold and the Beautiful, an incredible wedding: no one expected

It is known that Cesur ve Güzel’s developments in Turkey will celebrate a completely unexpected wedding for fans.

Bold and Beautiful

Turkish advances Bold and Beautiful they know that Brave to light They are married. Everything starts from Tahsin it’s just to fit together Brave He’ll have his daughter kidnapped by his men to put the blame on the boys. Brave He immediately discovers Tahsin’s plan and does everything to save it. light. Second, he doesn’t believe after hearing his father confess everything to his brother. chohranwill ask Brave She agrees to marry him and she enthusiastically received.

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Although the two will try to keep their marriage secret, news will spread quickly and many will try to oppose it.

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Developments Cesur ve Güzel, Are Suhan and Cesur getting married?

Anticipazioni Bold and Beautiful
Cesur e Suhan (@Twitter)

Anyone who opposes the marriage between two families that are hostile to each other will first of all be a lawyer. Manu Vardar and then sister-in-law light, Cahide. In particular, to avoid the latter light receive family inheritance, draw up a plan that includes chohran who will prove that he is on his sister’s side.

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According to the Turkish previews of the series Bold and Beautifull, it is known that one thing will strain the marriage of the two: On the day of celebration, Tahsin will get a serious illness. In Italy, the second is about to marry Justice, mom light He will definitely be against marriage.

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