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Practical guide on how to benefit from financial peace

Practical guide on how to benefit from financial peace

Tax peace on the starting line. Tomorrow will be the first to pay for those participating in the afa, provided by the tax decree connected to the maneuver. Domestic Income issued a card with all descriptions.

Requirements for payments: Not completed by November 13, but October 24, 2018 for subscriber evaluation; On 23 October 2018 for the joint call for the preliminary investigation of 24 October 2018; On 23 November 2018, the correction or liquidation notice, the credit reimbursement case, is not disputed, and if it does not appeal or is wider on 24 October 2018, any appeal against the deed was expected at the same time.

Payment can be made in a single solution or in a maximum of twenty quarter installments of the same amount; The first installment must be paid within the period specified above. The installments after the first payment must be paid until the last day of each quarter. The statutory interest calculated on the day following the payment deadline for the first installment is due to the installment amount of the first installment.

Tax Peace: what are identifiable actions

Af expects the tax office to be closed on October 24, 2018 with no penalty or interest, which is still ongoing; The contributions to which the highest taxes are assessed and notified to the taxpayer until 24 October 2018 and that the relevant evaluation notification has not been received at the same time and the evaluation has not been completed; Researches that have been signed but not yet completed until 24 October 2018 may be said to have not been paid at the relevant date and that the twenty days envisaged to be completed have not yet passed.

The amendment and memorandum notifications and notifications communicated to the taxpayer until 24 October 2018 are not disputed at the same date and still cannot be challenged and fall within the scope of the rules which provide for the taxpayer to be sent to the evaluation reports more easily. openness; Until 24 October 2018, the title deeds of the repayment of the loans used informally shall be notified to the taxpayer on condition that they are not finalized and they are not objected.

Negative invitations, evaluation notices and participation certificates issued as part of the voluntary cooperation procedure are removed from the grant. The foreclosure process concerns both editions of the procedure and works with reference to any given document as a result of incomplete completion.

Actions defined in other ways may not be the subject of this definition or may be appealed by appeal, by or after 24 October 2018, whether or not they are subject to the mediation procedure. In addition, the taxpayer, which aims to benefit from this definition form, is not compatible with other cases, for example, from the date of entry into force of the decree law, such as the request for participation and evaluation.

Financial Peace: how is it paid

In case of reciprocal demand, taxpayer: In order to complete the F24 form, only the tax law pertaining to the tax amounts and the contributions in the office code on the Agency's web site and in the office code included in this website are invited to the contributions for the evaluation, the reference year and & # 39; 99999999107 & # 39; code; To compile the F23 model, it uses the tax code and office code in the received document and in the field specified in the document 10 & # 39; Year & # 39; 2018, field & # 39; Numero 99999999107.

In the case of an installment assessment, the taxpayer shall only use the data contained in the F24 or F23 faxes delivered by the office on the date of signature of the deed, showing the tax codes and the tax codes related to the tax amounts and contributions. The movement or reference number is for the office code and the reference model F24 only.

Considering that the taxes subject to adherence to the law are indicated together with the interest rates, the office may be asked for the assessment to be made in order to determine the amount to be paid. In the event of an evaluation notice, correction and settlement notification, recovery, the taxpayer shall use the data contained in paragraph F24 or F23 attached to the title deed and shall only display the tax codes relating to the tax amounts. possible contributions, deed code or reference number, office code and F24 model with reference number only.

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