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Polio-like alarm: a case in Italy, 90 contamination in the US – Chronicle


Pavia, November 16, 2018 – A case of flaccid myelitis acute, caused by neurological disorder called polio-like diseaseIt was discovered by virologists in Italy. Pavia's San Matteo Polyclinic. Infection hit a child with symptoms similar to those of polio, resulting in an enterovirus D68 infection (EV-D68). Normally takes the characteristic picture strokes respiratory tract syndrome also serious, but rare cases can cause paralysis flaccid by colonizing the neuromuscular junctions, spinal cord, encephalic trunk and cortex.

Thanks to the alert, structures are informed of the circulation of the virus, which recorded 23 cases from the beginning of the year in Lombardy. a patient a child currently affected by myelitis Real. In recent weeks this syndrome in the United States. Virology laboratories led by Fausto Baldanti, University of Paviawith group Sandro Binda and Elena Pariani from the University of MilanThey found rare neurological findings in early November. Even today, the child himself is in hospital, doctors report, and conditions fixed. The D68 virus struck Lombardy two years ago.

According to the latest published data US cases of confirmed myelitis Acute flaccid among children in America They've climbed to 90 states in 27 states.. “The Chronicles focused on the state of the United States, durum says Baldanti, but the enterovirus D68“ The problem in Europe, Including Italy. Based on surveillance data, the specialist is associated with 1-2% of the EV-D68, taking into account all acute respiratory syndromes. "It always circulates – it's an infectious substance that underlines." Antonio Piralla, Virolog Baldanti group – but usually shows one fluctuation trend, one year fasterthe following year, as seen two years ago, before this new case, it is less circulated when it is diagnosed with acute fracture paralysis associated with EV-D68 in Lombardy.

Molecular Virology of St. Matthew Pavia has been cooperating with Reference center From Binda to Milan Statale. EV-D68 from acute flaccid after diagnosis of myelitis Genetic characterization of infectious agent – Describes Baldanti – Let's analyze the viral genome to see if it's the type that circulates in the rest of the world or if it contains details mutations associated with greater aggressionBir Over the years, work ”is a kind of Lombard Enterovirus eye that allowed to observe the existence of D68, that is” a set with common characteristics, but slightly different from other EV-D68 “. ".

Thanks to the surveillance activity carried out between Milan and Pavia, it was possible to understand the experts add, "D68 enterovirus developed over time It creates genetically distinct subspecies circulating simultaneously. And "developed because one particular diagnostic test is not available in the market molecular testing. Another novelty of these days comes from Rimini, where the National Amcli Congress took place. Italian clinical microbiologistsThe management also includes Baldanti. "In this position – the expert announced – we have set up a research group National surveillance network He still does not have these viruses, with particular reference to EV-D68. Definition of this enterovirus It dates back to 1962, when it was discovered in four children hospitalized in California. for respiratory tract infections. An epidemic occurred in the United States in 2014 With over 1,153 confirmed cases including 45 complicated by neurological syndromes. In addition, 29 cases of hernia palsy associated with this enterovirus were found two years ago in Europe.

Italy declared polio on June 21, 2002. and officially approved. The last two autochthonous cases occurred in 1982, and the surveillance network was active to monitor and verify the absence of polio. As with all respiratory viruses, it applies to prevention of usual hygiene recommendations, including hand washing. Meanwhile, in America, the chain of measures against polio-related infections that affect children does not stop. This year's cases reached 219. The results of the analyzes for the 80's came, official confirmation came. But there is little doubt even for the rest. And reports of new infections are coming back again and again.

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