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Play Xbox Scarlett: Anywhere, spread all genes to Xbox, says Microsoft

Xbox Play Anywhere It's a special function for buying titles on a platform and using them on both, sharing savings and progress, and offering a variety of PC and Xbox One games that seem to be extended. cross gene also understand Xbox Scarlett.

The question has not yet been clearly formalized, but Phil SpencerThe head of Microsoft's Xbox division said the goal was to expand Xbox Play Anywhere to all platforms in the ecosystem. MicrosoftThis means that the feature needs to be extended to include Xbox Scarlett.

In the app, games that support Play Anywhere can be purchased once and played on the same account on all Xbox consoles and PCs, saving and progress from one platform to another. For example, Halo Infinite can be purchased and played on the same account on Xbox Scarlett, PC, and Xbox One.

"Our goal in our first-party games is to enable cross-gene use sharing goals and rescues"Although Phil Spencer has not yet officially announced it. At this time, functionality is common (although not the first), but in some cases it has been adopted by other games, such as Resident Evil 7.

According to Spencer, this functionality is important, and it should also be available between Xbox 360 and Xbox One at the start of the second; it was not possible by transferring digitally purchased games directly from one to another. For Spencer, it represented a “missed opportunity”. If this is Spencer's point of view, we can expect a serious commitment to playing Play Anywhere with the launch of Xbox Scarlett.

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