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Pininfarina introduces Pura Vision: 1,000 horses – La Gazzetta dello Sport

It will be the first S-Luv (Sustainable Luxury Commercial Vehicle), the second model of the five models announced in 2023 and in the medium term.

On the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show, Automobili Pininfarina introduced Pura Vision, a second model to a few media representatives, after the Baptist, the most powerful sports car produced in Italy. The first Sustainable Luxury Service Vehicle (S-Luv) begins the second phase of Pura Vision, Automobili Pininfarina: transformation to fit 5 models in the medium term. Pura Vision will come at a price of 200,000 euros in 2023.


The CEO had hoped there would be a cross between Michael Perschke, a Lamborghini Urus, a Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake, and a fully electric car. Although still under development, Perschke shed light on many aspects of Pura Vision with Automobili Pininfarina design manager Luca Borgogno and sales manager Jochen Rudat. Between a super SUV like Urus and a sporty shooting brake, it will be more than 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 160 cm high or halfway. Inspired by the 1953 Alfa Romeo 6C 3000CM Super Flow prototype, the ancestor of the famous 1966 Duetto, the car features an edgy and clean body with distinctive rear wheel arches (to mount 22 "or 23" wheels) and a top module completely inside. It features a variable transparent glass that appears seated on the bottom of the carbon fiber bodywork.

Up to 1000 CV

The Pura Vision will be available in 4 separate seats or with optional 4 + 1 options and equipped with 3 electric motors: 2 behind and 1 in front. The S-Luv will be powered by a 125 kW battery pack, packaged in a super-slim platform – only 16 cm – developed by Pininfarina, which Cambiano plans to sell to other manufacturers. Different power levels: from 650 to 1000 hp, with prices ranging from 200 to 320,000 euros. The model that Pura Vision will go into production in 2022 will not have the rear doors opening in the wrong direction as the prototype presented in Pebble Beach this year, but will be produced in quantities below the Baptist (production will be limited to 150 units): 1,500 cars per year. The official presentation will take place at the Pebble Beach 2020 elegance competition.


Meanwhile, the development program of Battista hypercar, dynamic simulations and wind tunnel tests have been completed. Vehicles in the prototype phase will be tested during the winter before the test drive for customers in the spring of 2020. Automobili Pininfarina has collaborated with the Mahindra Racing Formula team to enjoy the feeling that potential customers will feel at the wheel of Battista. Organizing the "Hyperdrive" event at the Calafat circuit in Spain. Customers were able to drive the latest electric road cars on the track before the final test of the Formula E car. "Said. it also recognizes the need to bring new and different test drive experiences that enable us to better understand the technology of the future. Our customers love this experience and we will further develop such initiatives in the future.

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