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Pimples warn because they can be a sign of a deadly tumor at these spots.

Sometimes our body sends us signals that we cannot interpret. Perhaps the symptoms are confused with other of the more common and harmless diseases. But knowing how to distinguish them can sometimes make the difference between life and death. It is not absolutely necessary to be alarmed, though. Just gather reliable information to know how to act correctly. Today we will do exactly that. Experts are on the alert for acne because they can be a sign of a deadly tumor at these spots. Let’s see how to know.

Pimples and fistulas


Everyone in our lives has had to live with acne. Sometimes it’s occasional, sometimes intrusive for years. These usually appear on the face, chest, and back. These are skin inflammations that go away in a few days if we don’t succumb to the temptation and crush them. However, not all acne is the same. In fact, there are some that look like pimples or fistulas but hide a much bigger threat.

Pimples warn because they can be a sign of a deadly tumor at these spots.

Expert dermatologists and oncologists in Italy and abroad are sounding the alarm. There is a type of skin cancer that is six times more deadly if not diagnosed at an early stage. This is nodular melanoma, which accounts for 15% of melanoma cases. This occurs like pimples or fistulas in unusual places on the body. Sometimes these are signs of a benign tumor that still needs to be removed. However, when it has certain features, we have good reasons to urgently seek in-depth review.

How to recognize nodular melanoma

First, nodular melanoma tends to appear in unusual areas of the body, such as the arms or legs. However, nothing prevents it from appearing in areas favored by classic acne. That’s why the surest way to recognize them with the naked eye is to judge their appearance. Round protrusions appear on the skin. These can be red or brown like me. They grow very quickly and are immediately identifiable. If we touch them, they look harder than a simple pimple and may even ache and bleed slightly. These false acne will not go away, or even continue to grow.

It is important to recognize this sign within two months of its initial onset to have a better chance of survival. In fact, this melanoma grows much faster than others.


Be careful if we feel discomfort in this part of the body in August.

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