Tuesday , March 31 2020
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photo profile scam brings users down

WhatsApp profile photo scamAmong all instant messaging applications WhatsApp is what everyone chooses to communicate with. Given its popularity, it is easy to think that there are risks associated with its use. Absolute best platform, immunity fraud. Here is the last section to endanger millions of profiles.

WhatsApp: Scammers benefit from profile image for ransom

maintain updates Functional and safety, as well as refined improvements, do not guarantee fraud due to fraud due to hackers' deceptive actions. WhatsApp is no exception and is encouraged to have a history of more than one and a half billion users. Pledges Mark Zuckerberg about l & # 39;social union Facebook and Instagram will not correct the situation.

Currently, cyber criminals are in use remove profile photo address book contacts wrong profile. Contacters are often encouraged to make one. PostePay charge temporary economic unavailability. In doing so, the data is added to theft. fraud this makes people earn more money.

There's nothing left to do, but keep watch and pick. show profile picture just phonebook. In this way, in case of problems, we will have the opportunity to narrow the space and thus identify the potential evil. We can do this Application settings Disturbing the options available at the entrance Account> Privacy> Profile picture. Have you had any problems? Leave us your personal statement.

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