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Pd, a candidate for the secretariat of Minniti: "I'm Renzi's guy, no tickets with Bellanova"


All & # 39;Assembly Pd She stayed on saturday far. Someone spoke to her, then Martina temporary entity Ergife left the room early. Marco Minniti waited for the interview window republic make his announcement candidacy secretary Democratic Party. The former minister immediately said "no." Challenger renziano. There is only Marco Minniti in the field ". extinction I think I have a capacity that I've shown in these years. political autonomy and something that cannot be said, I have not shown the character ", says Minniti a In half an hour for Lucia Annunziata she asks her who she wants Renzi's candidate. transmission RAM-3 He was the second showcase of the opening of his candidacy to lead the Democratic Party and disprove the hypothesis of a ticket. Teresa Bellanova"Good deputy, well behaved to the government. But the ticket not on the agenda".

Interview Within half an hour
"I NEW Renzi they will decide who to vote for, but we must make one congress to speak to the country "former Minister of Interior RAM-3. "A congress to mark the distance between a person was initially defeated: we need to talk about politics, not from people. Then you are sure that a kernel exists reformist This should be recorded ", says Minniti. Matteo Renzi says, "I think he took over responsibility Important after defeat. He didn't quit, he took mistakes on his own. I think I'm wrong diseducativo All people Renzi is in power they were closeNow they just mark the distance ".

The Renzians, then they won't leave. denial Your ticket with Bellanova "reference"Minniti, instead of Lucia Annunziata" mayors"After collecting their signatures in their favor." My nomination is not an expression present or a political space, as I do with the party, "says Minniti. reconstruct party We are talking about changing now name The Democratic Party – the former minister – the main problem is to radically change the party. the translation sock "I want to beat, entertain people talented Regardless of the flows, he promises "a small Copernican reform" from the Minniti.

Interview republic
Because it says that Minniti is real danger Demokr we manage the Italian democracy. I know well – says republic – The last election is more than a defeat. There was one break emotional with our voters. This is the challenge of Congress. I'm not looking for her. shortcuts"So the purpose is not to just return to the government. defeat nazionalpopulismo It is possible to speak with the Italian community. A link must be recreated. We need a Congress that speaks to Italy. regulation of accounts Interior ", explains Minniti.

but balances The interiors should make their Minniti accounts. By the way that separates from the definition of renziano 550 mayor"For his candidacy, which is distributed by the first citizen of Pesaro, Matteo Riccia renziano. "Renzi has lost his life and has resigned responsibility Moving beyond it, "says Minniti. But" the theme is not that anymore ", but rather" reformism people with "Ticket hypothesis Teresa BellanovaThe former Interior Minister is not talking, but on Saturday it is already "wonder"When I reply:" I will consider, but I ignore ".

Back to the themes, Minniti says, reformer left"As an obstacle to populism:" weak They felt abandoned. " maybe aristocrats"Telling the old owner of Viminale"eight keywords"To stop nationalists:"security and freedom, security and humanity, national interest and Europeangrowth and social protection "." National MPs oppose these promises and brings a selection, we reconcile – continues – a great Europe in a great Italy ". And to do it" has a great one. democratic alliance. A strong party should be brought back into play, but should be aware of its limits. Large area".

Towards primers: Waiting for Martina
Minniti already speaks as a secretary and refuses possible alliance with M5s In this legislature, in the event of a government crisis: "Should vote? No doubt, "he says republic. The interview that launched the candidacy also reveals the truth start compete primarywill attend very soon Maurizio Martina. Now the outgoing secretary seems to be convinced not to let the game negotiate. NEW Renzi and NEW antirenzi: Minniti and the governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti. , If it could be of use to the party I was applying to, ur sums Martina Saturday.

vote Members actually three candidatesEliminating all others from competition. Saturday's Pd parliament officially opened the congress phase, where a disagreement agreement was officially signed. You fight for you history of primersWith Minniti and Zingaretti wanting to fix it, Early Februaryas president Matteo Orfini It emphasizes that it will be technically difficult. options March 3: 364 days after the policies are gone.

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