Thursday , September 29 2022

Payments and convergence between mobile devices [Video]


Milan (askanews) – Poste Italiane presented the new Postepay Connect in Milan Payments Show, a digital solution that combines Postepay Evolution card services with PosteMobile SIM cards. With Postepay Connect, you can manage telephone and payment services through a single application. PostePay Spa's general manager Marco Siracusano presented the new product.

"PostePay Connect – askanews said – is the first tangible application of the new private company PostePay Spa, born only on October 1. The practical representation of the convergence mission between this physical world because we think it is an important step Digital world, but also the world of payments and furniture between the world ".

In the "PostePay application – Siracusano added – in this application, you will be able to manage your payment needs with a single fee at the same time, with the supply of PosteMobile SIM, you can buy all year round payment and phone, in addition to access to special services such as P2P for PostePay PostePay payments, but the same for the uniqueness of the availability of a Giga Giga function at the time ".

Basically, within the Postepay Connect community, it will be possible to transfer real-time real-time over-Giga.

"I think – Siracusano added – the investment of PostePay Spa in PostePay SpA is very important, really looking to the future, while the Poste Italiane 2022 business plan is the new segment of mobile and digital payments We should make sure that the 12800 office world is synergistic because it is a very important digital service model for us.

Poste Italiane Group payments are impressive: more than 26 million payment cards with over 4 million PosteMobile sim, Poste Italiane brand and 2.5 million digital wallets; In addition, more than 19 million free "apps" downloaded for smartphones and tablets; The number of registered customers in has recently exceeded 16 million.

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