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Palermo-Pescara 3-0 (Video Goals): Puscas Murawski and Moreo Rosanero

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Palermo-Pescara 3-0. Rosanero prolongs Pescara and wins third consecutive success in the seventh season in the league. The goal of Puscas in the first half of the second was Stellone's team for Murawski and Moreo. Thanks to this success Palermo overrides Pescara and the first place with 24 points. Pillon's team, instead, suffered second-season defeat after inadequate performance. Now, the second in the Abruzzesi rosanero -2.
Video Shows Palermo-Pescara 3-0 | Serie B

93 ıs – When Marinelli whistles at the end of the game: Palermo-Pescara 3-0
92 '- Three-thirds of Palcos'' Pescara '' free-kick: the cross from Brugman was rejected by Rosanero's back guard.
Yellow card for 92` – Struna
90 ol – 3-minute improvement will be
90 – Change Palermo: Haas came out, Chochev entered
89 – Machin receives a yellow card.
87 & # 39; – goool! Palermo closes the match with Moreo. The Rosanero wing displaced Fiorillo with a shot from the distance bagged at the right hand of the white blue goalkeeper. Palermo-Pescara 3-0
86 & # 39; – goool! With Palermo Murawski doubles. It was a good shot, however. It was an excellent day for Rosanero's Fiorillo. Palermo-Pescara 2-0
85 & # 39; – Forward to Palermo: Nestorovski was the scorer.
83 & # 39; – Opportunity Pescara: Brignoli blocked Monachello's perfect title
Tenth corner for 82 '' – Pescara: Rosanero at the back removes danger
81 – Change Palermo: Puscas exits, enters Moreo.
Biancazzurri to 80 & # 39; ninth corner: defense rosanero jumped danger
79 & # 39; – Moving to the second article of Brugman, he crossed Aleesami's side.
Change to 77 & # 39; -Pescara: Ciofani replaces him in Crecco
76 '- Abruzzesi corner kick: Memushaj cross removed
73 köşe – Pescara Corner for Brignoli
72 & # 39; – Change Palermo: Falletti comes out, instead Murawski
69 'Del Sole misses a goal with a shot from Brignoli' s goal.
68 & # 39; – the opportunity: Trjkovski, who served in the region by Nestorovski, struck the ball in Fiorillo in two steps. What an opportunity for Rosanero
66. – Machin made an excellent shot at Mancuso and couldn't stop the ball just in front of the goalkeeper and intervened in Brignoli.
The second change to Pescara: Marras replaces Del Sole instead.
63 ign – Marras' middle of the goalkeeper on the late, Brignoli without a problem was blocked
62 & # 39; – Abruzzesi's corner: Palermo defense eliminates danger
61 'A player from Germany takes a throw-in in the opponent's half.
Pescara to 60: Antonucci comes out, Monachello walks in
59 – Brugman strokes from a long distance did not pose a problem in Brignoli.
56 – – Yellow card for Puscas
56 & # 39; – Opportunity for Palermo: Jajalo tried to shoot a shot from a long distance, but the ball was short.
54 '' – still Pescara: Marras, 25 meters to the left ended.
52 '- The field from Memushaj: The ball is too central and Brignoli has blocked it smoothly.
52 – rejected by biancazzurra defense in the middle of Aleesami
Another Falletti this time blocked by Brignoli 49 & # 39;
47 eyi – Falletti was looking for Puscas around the corner, but Gravillon 's head eliminated the danger.
47 aç – Antonucero's defeat with the low cross of the rosanero in some way blocked the danger
45 – Start again! Rosanero will start to heal

Palermo-Pescara 1-0. The first 45 & # 39; it ended.

45 & # 39; – there will be no improvement. Marinelli whispers the end of the first half: Palermo-Pescara 1-0
43 uso – yellow card Mancuso & # 39; Pescara prevents Brignoli from delaying
Corner of Pescara: Brignoli charges the ball from it.
Another corner for 42 & # 39; Pescara: The remote cross was stopped by Mancuso, but the striker failed to make him dangerous
40 '- the third of the third quarter of the biancazzurra into Palermo: a free kick: the cross of the distant pole was taken by Bellusci, who tried a header in the nearest post, but got the top
38 'Brugman dribbles past his opponents but the shot goes wide
37 & # 39; – goool! Palermo took the lead with Puscas. The scorer Rosanero of the Haas area overcame Fiorillo by placing the ball in the lower left corner. Palermo-Pescara 1-0
By Brugman 36 – foul. Free kick for Pescara half court on Palermo
34 direkt – Haas ends directly to the bottom.
30 'Palermo is processing a goal kick. The supporters of Trjkovski were thrown behind the defense of biancazzurra.
Sneaky with Falletti: Strike from the edge of midfielder Rosanero ends up slightly above the mast
27 şekil – Palermo Dangerous: Trjkovski took a shot from a long range, but the ball went wide of the left.
Another corner for Pescara: No danger for Rosanero's return
25 & # 39; – Opportunity Pescara: Sneaky right from Campagnaro, deflected for a corner of Brignoli
Corner of Brugman dribbles past his opponents.
21 Palermo – Three-fourths of Pescara sentenced for Palermo: Falletti's hit on the left side of the pole
20 '' – still Pescara: Machin worked with Brignoli's left-right side, but the goalkeeper Rosanero was tensed and blocked.
16 & # 39; – Opportunity for Palermo: Nestorovski tried to hit the edge of the corner with a shot at the bottom right corner, but the ball just moved
15 – Trjkovski passed away shipment, but Fiorillo is bored out
13 'Trjkovski attempts to play with a defensive line and a long pass.
12 & # 39; – Rajkovic rejects a cross in Pescara's first attempt
8 & # 39; Sensational opportunity for Palermo: Brignoli's Puscas wasn't able to send a solution to the pitch ball after Fiorillo missed a ball.
7 & # 39; – Fiorillo somehow managed to change the cross in the center of Palermo
1 & # 39; – we're starting! Marinelli whispers the beginning of Palermo-Pescara. First will be for biancazzurri

20: 34- Livio Marinelli is the referee of the match

20: 30- Official training Palermo (4-3-1-2): The Brignole; Struna, Bellusci, Rajkovic, Aleesami; Haas, Jajalo, Falletti; Trajkovski; Nestorovski, Puscas.
20: 30- Official training Pescara (4-3-3): Fiorillo; Balzano, Campagnaro, Gravillon, Ciofani; Memushaj, Brugman, Machin; Marras, Mancuso, Antonucci.

16: 47- Mutual friends SUPERNEWS textual direct Palermo Pescara

Tonight, the Renzo Barbera Stadium will host the postponement of the 12th day of the Serie B & B. Palermo and Pescara. Rosanero comes to this challenge as the second power of the championship. In the first 11 days, rosanero won 21 points, 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. Last defeat Palermo The dates of his friends dates back to February 12, when Renzo Barbera was taken to Foggia. In the next 15 games the Stellone team won 9 wins and 6 draws. PescaraInstead, the Serie B class is coming to the game. Abruzzo has 6 points, 4 draws and 22 points. To date, the road outside the home of biancazzurri was almost perfect (1 win and 4 draw). The last remote defeat of the Adriatic, Pescara 2-1 for Pro Vercelli. There will be 37 problems this night. Palermo and Pescara. In the previous 36, rosanero gained 14 successes against the 6 of the Abruzzesi. But Ben 16, the matches are over.

Palermo-Pescara, possible occurrences

Palermo (4-3-1-2): The Brignole; Salvi, Bellusci, Rajkovic, Aleesami; Haas, Jajalo, Chochev; Fiordilino; Nestorovski, Puscas. All: Roberto Stellone.
bench: Avogadri, Pomini, Accardi, Mazzotta, Pirrello, Struna, Szyminski, Murawski, Embalo, Falletti, Moreo, Trajkovski.

Pescara (4-3-3): Fiorillo; Balzano, Campagnaro, Gravillon, Del Grosso; Memushaj, Brugman, Machin; Marras, Mancuso, Antonucci. All .: Pillon
bench: Kastrati, Farelli, Ciofani, Elizalde, Perrotta, Scognamiglio, Crecco, Melegoni, Palazzi, Del Sole, Monachello.

Referee: Livio Marinelli

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