Tuesday , October 4 2022

official mini fridge arrived in Italy, price and pre-order date – Nerd4.life


From meme to reality: Xbox Series X he will be mini refrigerator themed and will Also available in Italy, pre-orders are coming soon and price According to reports from Microsoft, it was determined by us at 99 euros that the distribution was entrusted to GameStop.

The history of the Xbox-branded refrigerator begins remotely since the first presentation of the Xbox Series X, when many noticed the similarity of the black parallel tube with a device. From that moment, photomontages and various jokes began, which were well received by the director of Aaron Greenberg, first with a photomontage of the Xbox Series X instead of a refrigerator, and a kitchen in the background, then with a series of social initiatives from Microsoft. He delivered the device in question to some celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and iJustine.

But it will now be possible for everyone to own the Xbox Series X refrigerator, subject to possible stock-out: Microsoft has announced its large-scale distribution, albeit essentially a miniature version of the actual device in question. The Xbox Series X mini fridge is a replica of the console but works just like a mini fridge,”up to 12 boxes “Your favorite drinks” and there are two pockets on the door so you can keep snacks too.

Also on the front of the mini fridge is a USB port that can charge various devices, the device also comes with a DC adapter that allows it to be used anywhere. The launch is scheduled for December but I pre-orders Ships from 19 October and can be purchased on-chain in Italy. Game Pause.

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