Tuesday , October 4 2022

Nicolò, Gerry Scotti on Brescia's champion


speed and passion for enigmistry champion. Brescia. Nicolò Scalfi He entered the Italians' homes, champion Gerry Scotti led (or now as they say in the game show), "Free fall".

Brought an adventure so far 20 year old to earn 61 thousand euros. Student Prealpino village It is registered in the second year of Industrial Product Design at Milan Polytechnic and passion for enigmistry"I always watch television quizzes – he says – and my desire was to participate".

When Nicolò's adventure contacted him in October, he started about 8 months after the recording. First they dumped a phone and then in the Milan studios, they brought her into the world of Gerry Scotti. And as a champion, he didn't just win a place: in Mediaset studios Nicolò, also his girlfriend known ValeriaOn Monday, he decided to leave the game and made his idiom public.

But what's at the bottom of the famous cover? Ama I can't tell you that – he laughs at Nicol – but the fall is definitely not painful “.

So far you've earned 61,000 euros. What are you going to do "Definitely want to buy a car, make your vacation and maybe get a new phone."

Is she as big as you see her? "I still do not have a clear future. I would like to have a studio design, but also a career as a DJ or a sports expert. And in fact, as a good lover of puzzles, there are many passions.

How is life from exams? «Good: they make you feel at home even if you are away and live in the hotel».

Now we just have to Follow Nicolò also this night and see where it came from.