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Napoli-PSG 1-1 (Video Goals Highlights): Bernat calls, Insigne answers. Azzurri with the first Reds



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Champions League, Napoli-PSG 1-1: The highly anticipated match of San Paolo ends in a draw. Pyrotechnic competition in front of the public for special occasions: with the French before page 47 Bernat, draw the bells with Insigne Punishment at 62. Partenopei ranks first 6 point, with Liverpool this afternoon Red Star Belgrade


Tabellino Napoli-Psg

NAPLES (4-4-2): Ospina; Maksimovic (76; Hysaj), Albiol, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Callejon, Allan, Hamsik, Fabian Ruiz (71 & quot; Zielinski); Mertens (83 & # 39;) Ounas) Insigne. available: Karnezis, Malcuit, Diawara, Milik. Coach: Carlo Ancelotti

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (3-4-3) Buffon; Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Kehrer (92 o Choupo-Mating); Meunier (73 & # 39; Kimpembe), Verratti, Draxler, Bernat; Mary & # 39; s (77 'Cavani), Neymar, Mbappé. available: Areola, Rabiot, Diaby, Nsoki. Coach: Thomas Tuchel.

REFEREE: Kuipers (OLA)

MARKERS: 47 & # 39; Bernat (P), 62 & # 39; tower. Insigne (N)

NOTES: Ammonites Mbappé (P), Kehrer (P), Fabian (N), Verratti (P), Neymar (P)

Napoli-Psg, the story of the match (Secondo Tempo)

94 & # 39; – Referee Kuipers ends the match and ends 1-1 with San Paolo

92 92 – THIRD ARTICLE PSG! out Kehrer is, inside Choupo-Moting

91 & – Warning Neymar for protests

90 – Referee Kuipers grants four minutes recovery

90 '- Ammonia I Verrat for foul Ounas

87 – To Cross Callejon It started, top out

86 86 – OPPORTUNITY PSG! Quiet end Mbapp to, Small ball to the side

83 & # 39; – THIRD CHANGE NAPLES! Injured person comes out Mertens, inside Ounas

81 – Injured Mertens, Naples in worry

77 & # 39; – SECOND CHANGE PSG! inside Cavani for Mary & # 39; s

76 76 – SECOND CHANGE NAPLES! downs Maksimovic, enters Hysaj

73 & # 39; – THE FIRST CHANGE PSG! out Meunier, inside Kimpemb to

71 & # 39; – FIRST INSTITUTION NAPLES! out Fabian enters Zielinski

65 & # 39; – Routing error Ospina This could be costly: Fortunately Neymar and Mbapp to they don't benefit enough

62 & # 39; – GOL NAPLES! The Insigne is not wrong at eleven feet: Buffon senses the orbit but cannot do anything.

61 & # 39; – ROUND FOR NAPLES! Defense error Thiago Silva, it benefits Callejon: Buffon In an attempt to guess it, it radiates. referee Kuipers no doubt and decides the penalty

58 & # 39; – NAPLES FIRSATI! Mertens saves the ball and tries to surprise Buffon. Just outside

55 – Result Fabian From the edge of the region, out broadly top

54 & # 39; – NAPLES FIRSATI! combination Insigne-Callejon, incoming ball Mertens this shoots

52 & # 39; – NAPLES FIRSATI! Bank Fabian for Mertens working in the lobby: Buffon is still saving the door to Paris

51 51 – NAPLES FIRSATI! Maksimovic for Mertens, Concluding the Belgians: Buffon dangers

49 & # 39; – Insigne for Callejon, Buffon waits for everything outside, but the ball runs away from the hands. Corner for blues

46 – Start twice between Naples-PSG partial result 0-1

Napoli-Psg, the story of the match (Primo Tempo)

21.59: Appointment within a few minutes to follow the second half of Napoli-Psg

The first half-end: Napoli-Psg goes to the 1-0 range. Meanwhile Fabian was warned for a collision

47 & # 39; – NETWORK PSG! Neymar spear Mbapp to, pass filtering Bernat started to sign on the network1-0

45 '- Referee Kuipers gives a minute of recovery.

45 & # 39; – NAPLES FIRSATI! control Insigne In the field, conclude the conclusion

40 – Result Mario Rui, walled orbit by defense

39 – Defeated by punishment Insigne, head deviation Thiago Silva

35 & # 39; – Mbapp to try to serve Meunier, Koulibaly closes

34 & # 39; – Hamsik take the ball to the penalty area Buffon turn the sphere into its own

32 – Ammonia Kehrer is for a bad intervention Callejon

31 & # 39; – OPPORTUNITY NAPLES! Result Fabian A small ball side from the outside of the area

29 & – Warning Mbapp to tactical for foul

23 & # 39; – OPPORTUNITY PSG! Neymar For deep Mbapp to, Who tries to shoot: a ball above the top bar

17 – French pre- Meunier, but this does not serve properly Neymar: nuanced opportunity PSG

16 & # 39; il Naples He manages to save himself from a rather difficult situation, Mario Rui progression: the cross of the Portuguese, but to forget

12 & # 39; – Cross Meunier, center for ball Neymar: again Ospina go out and make the ball your own

9 & # 39; – Mary & # 39; s need Mbappè, Ospina guess everyone

5 & ​​# 39; – OPPORTUNITY PSG! Neymar exchange with Mbapp to, Discharge for I Verrat Who's right, defense closes Neapolitan

1 & # 39; – Referee Kuipers whistle! At the beginning of the match Sao Paulo

19.40: Here formal formations between Naples-PSG:

Naples (4-4-2): Ospina; Maksimovic, Albiol, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Callejon, Allan, Hamsic, Fabian Ruiz; Mertens, Insigne. available: Karnezis, Hysaj, Malcuit, Diawara, Zielinski, Ounas, Milik. Coach: Carlo Ancelotti.

Paris Saint-Germain (3-4-2-1): Buffon; Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Kehrer; Meunier, Verratti, Draxler, Bernat; Mary, Neymar; Mbapp to. available: Areola, Kimpembe, Cavani, Choupo-Mating, Rabiot, Diaby, Nsoki. Coach: Thomas Tuchel.

1.00 pm: Welcome to friends SUPERNEWS textual direct Naples-PSG Apply for fourth day of challenge round C between Champions league

Napoli-Psg, presentation of the match and possible occurrences

Stadium Sao Paulo initially meets with a whistle at 21.00 Naples-PSG valid for the fourth day of the tender round C between Champions League: The highest European competition is important for joining the final round.
Neapolitans returns to the team of coach Thomas from the perfect draw in Paris Tuchel: On the occasion of Insigne and his companions, they left the French under pressure. 2-2 only in extra time Mary & # 39; de left an unattainable tour for a start Ospina.
The ultimate triumph of Azzurri can, in fact, restart the ambitions of Campania and at the same time give a serious mortgage on optics that eliminate the second round. Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain, on the other hand, must definitely draw conclusions in Italy: the standings are only Neapolitan, technicians Tuchel They were aware that the defeat by San Paolo would automatically become the willm to be eliminated from the competition in a certain way, especially a hypothesis for a team that had been decisively deciding to take a decisive step for years, but was immediately rejected at the site. For this reason, it is not necessary to make mistakes of the first leg, the formation of Carletto. Ancelotti He took over the landlords and in all respects created a performance as a European leader.
Leading the Naples-Psg meeting with the Dutch Bjorn Kuipersassisted by assistants van Roekel and Zeinstr to, fourth man Shaap and line judges Higa's and minibus Boekel.

Possible formations Napoli-Psg, Group C Champions League on the fourth day – Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 21.00

NAPLES (4-4-2): Ospina; Maksimovic, Albiol, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Callejon, Allan, Hamsik, Fabian Ruiz; Insigne, Mertens. All. Ancelotti

PSG (3-4-3): Buffon; Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Kehrer; Meunier, Rabiot, Verratti, Bernat; Mbappe, Cavani, Neymar. All. Tuchel

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