Thursday , August 5 2021

meningitis, a serious boy in the tower explained – twenty one, yesterday, transferred to durgenza cotugno

A child with a high fever and a respiratory attack is serious. A 21-year-old from Torre Annunziata was diagnosed on suspicion of meningitis. She arrived at Boscotrecase hospital early yesterday morning, urgently transferred to Cotugno. The increase in convulsions leading to the worst has aroused more concern among doctors. As expected this morning by the Metropolis newspaper, the young man is currently under observation in Napoli, a city specializing in infectious diseases. To take her to the hospital at 7:00, the young seagull family. While it was expected to be confirmed by Cotugno, all people in contact with the child were exposed to anti-infectious prophylaxis. For preventive purposes from the doctors to relatives, everyone has taken the drugs established by the protocol. The child is currently in stable conditions, but the doctors did not disrupt the prognosis.

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