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Mancini from Barella and Immobile – Sport


MILAN. To find the target. Among young people (sure that Barella will start over) and a more detailed game, Roberto Mancini repeats the look of the National Team, and maybe not by chance, but it's sold in San Siro for a year and a few days ago. The dramatic exclusion of the World Cup took place after Sweden with 0-0. However, the road is still long for Italy, which is one goal per game and cannot yet find a striker. The coach seems to bet against Immobile against Portugal, which qualifies for Nations League's Final Four (starting at 20.45, living in Raiuno). a match to be won. Behind him, with the keys in the midfield, is now the director of Cagliari in the third presence of a blue shirt.

The injury of Romagnoli made a torture on the eve of the trainer and forced him to seek Acerbi, but was in particular a challenge for Milan, who was in an emergency for a defense and also lost Calabria in the 21st century. doubt, between the end of Lazio and Berardi. "I have 24 hours to decide, but the Immobile had many chances to start over – the coach in the press room agreed at the first exit of President Figc after Azzurri with Gabriele Gravina at the front row. Playing in the way, but have an important attribute, he is looking for scores and goals ».

Özellikle I'm sure I'm no longer the top scorer for this team, meslek Giorgio Chiellini smiled, ready to cross the blue cover in the same stadium when he touched the lowest spot of his career one year ago. "In June, a great disappointment, especially in June, was not easy." The refurbishment also takes place in Leonardo Bonucci, whose experience is more than 30 candidates against Portugal. "Now – Chiellini said – there is a new group, we need to ensure continuity of growth path to prepare for June 2020".

Mancini's strategy, which does not feel like a doctor who has resurrected the patient, is precisely aimed at qualifying the European Championship. "The national never died – he replied – well, he was deserved and unlucky by Sweden. We lifted our arms, but the road is still quite long, it's not easy to go back to the levels of Italy. If the person is going to be in the last matches, the team likes to see and people want to see it. We would also like to see Cristiano Ronaldo, because the show would be important ».

After the game against Portugal, Chiellini, Jorginho, Insigne and Florenzi, returned to the tournament with "more played with their teams", announced on Sunday that they are under 21, Juventus and Mancini as Mancini. . Atalanta. These are possible occurrences.

ITALY (4-3-3): 22 Donnarumma, 16 Florenzi, 19 Bonucci, 3 Chiellini, 15 Biraghi, 6 Verratti, 8 Jorginho,

23 Barella, 14 Churches, 17 Buildings, 10 Insigne. All: Mancini.

PORTUGAL (4-3-3): 1 Patricio, 2 Cancelo, 6 Ruben Dias, 4 Source, 19 Mario Rui, 20 Pizzi, 14 Carvalho, 18 Ruben Neves, 10 Bernardo, 11 André Silva, 7 Bruma. All: Santos.

REFEREE: Makkelie (Netherlands).

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