Friday , July 23 2021

Knowing Diabetes: The day of screening in Corato

Morning screening to learn and prevent diabetes
Morning screening to learn and prevent diabetes

theHundreds of free scans including glycemic tests and visual tests for early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy were performed. These are the results obtained yesterday morning from the diabetes awareness campaign in Piazza Sedile in Corato.

In the presence of doctors Castel del Monte Host Lions Club and Rotary Club CoratoWith the support of diabetologists Alfredo Ardito and Daniela Strippoli and Corato Medical Scientific Association MMG, it became possible to have information, prevention and knowledge about diabetes. Glucometers and IRIS Health Care diagnostic strips were prepared by Alpha Pharma Care and the reception was provided by IPC Tandoi students as part of the school-work transformation projects.

Although the weather conditions were not the best, approximately one hundred tests were performed and approximately 30 frozen blood glucose meters were taken. At this point, it was possible to discuss with experts to get information about a disease that is not frequently seen.

The spread of diabetes has doubled for about thirty years. According to the ISTAT 2016 study, they claim that more than 3 million people and 200,000 people will suffer in Italy. Sedentary and obesity are the main risk factors for the onset of the most common type 2 diabetes mellitus. However, despite serious complications related to the disease, there is still no collective awareness of this issue.

The need for monitoring and fixed controls, as well as direct and indirect costs, is consistent with the National Health Service. It is estimated that each patient in Italy costs € 2589 per year and treatments cost 8.26 billion Euros per year.

November 14th World Diabetes DayHe is witnessing the importance of emphasizing an extremely common disease. It is necessary to raise awareness on this issue, to give information about risks and deviations and to focus on prevention. And on the morning of the screening held by the Castel del Monte Host Lions Club with the Rotary Club Corato showed the determination to advance in this direction, to achieve a greater collective critical awareness.

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