Tuesday , August 9 2022

In Market / Expectations: Guests of Mara Venier in Asia Argento, Jerry Calà and Giampiero Morelli


Mara Venier open new appointment with him Sundaywith a talent show dedicated to magic. Real magicians, caricaturists and psychics turn into a real turnover around. In the opening area, the server was first presented on Sunday, November 11, at the flagship network of Casa Rai in the ninth episode at 18.00. Roma 'Fabrizio Frizzi titled the work of the artist, the wizard and money will be expressed in the studio said the chief. Magician Hotel, Solange, Rosario Trefiletti, Francesca Barra and Giampiero Mughini. Great anticipation and curiosity for the arrival to the studio Asian silvergossip queen of recent times. Just yesterday, current boyfriend Fabrizio Corona, announced his opinion, explained his opinion. Silvia Toffanin – To have a strong attraction for the Roman director and be taken by him. After Piero tells us that he wants to go slowly from Chiambretti, we will see the daughter of Asia Argento trust him.

On Sunday, guests and advances

Last September Asian silver She had spoken right in the living room Sundaythe director had expressed his point of view and certainly did not forgive. The answer to those who had asked him on Twitter was that they weren't looking at what he had said about him: "Honestly, I'm not used to looking at these" processes "that are consumed in the squalid TV halls and played on my skin.. Frankly, he must've changed his mind. After all, even in these casesMara Venier He said that he wanted something very good in Asia and that he was bound by a feeling of love and respect. Other moments not to be missed as well as the place for the interview Jerry CalàHer husband, who is a popular actor and comedian, will reconsider the steps of her long career of former partner and presenter. He will then perform with the orchestra conducted by Stefano Magnanensi. With "Aunt" Giampaolo Morelli On Wednesday, November 14, "L & # 39; ispettore Coliandro" returns to Rai2 during the new season. Mara Venier will interview the lady for the corner dedicated to the story of this week Santina D & # 39; AlessandroThe mother of the Palermo cameraman Mario BiondoIn 2013, he died in Madrid under mysterious circumstances. Space also gossip with Guillermo Mariotto, Simona Izzo and Azzurra Della Penna.

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