Thursday , July 29 2021

"Illiberal climate", "Nonsense." And this is a clash between Berlusconi and Salvini

"There's a climate.". "Absurd". Bombings Luigi Di Maio and Alessandro Di Battista are fighting after the acquittal of Virginia Raggi after being acquitted. Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini. The first person who came to the attack was the knight who spoke very badly to the Conte government, and more generally to the Five Stars, in the National Congress of the young people of Forza Italy in Rome. "If we keep going like this – he explains – we're really at the forefront of dictatorship …". However, in order to answer him, he is the leader of the Northern Union accusing him of being "absurd". "These exaggerations – they respond – let me tell Brussels bureaucrats and left nostalgics".

"All statements (editing of the Five Stars) gave a lot of concern – Berlusconi explains – we are in one illiberal democracy". Even the Democratic Party leaders agreed that the country was facing him. "dangerous government" (watch the video). "I'm really worried – presses – we're in the same state as in 1994, but at least the PCI has experience in public administration". According to Forza Italia & # 39; s reader, "I grillini They do not have knowledge of the old communism, but also of public administration, adding an immoral social jealousy and utter ignorance Onlar. "No one could have thought of giving a small company to those who didn't know, but this happened in Italy and it's today."Announces reaffirmation of the Knights of the Knights "go to touch them freedom citizens. First of all: the firm will create one ”Instead of citizens, what is good and what is bad and citizens impose the moral state imposed olduğun.

"Talking about the dictatorship of risk, Berlusconi makes you laugh, how do you say, someone confuses the dictatorship with seriousness and order". Forza Italia leader's claims are definitely not a pleasure Matteo Salvini This leads us to the aya dictatorship (side by side to lift the yellow-green state of the state (see video). "These exaggerations tell you about the Brussels bureaucrats and left nostalgics – the Northern League leader returns to the Knight – says Italy will always be democratic and no more than anybody with the League.". Then, return to the subject by fighting among the stands in Eicma Fiera Milano, fighting against Berlusconi. A I've let the bureaucrats and frustrated leftists in Brussels make some silly speeches – continue – risk dictatorship It is not clear that Italy is in good condition in Italy, but I am sorry that Berlusconi often uses the words that use Renzi le Boldrini and Juncker ’.

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