Tuesday , July 27 2021

Ilda Boccassini's daughter explored the murder of a road.

The daughter of Ilda Boccassini, former deputy prosecutor in Milan, is being investigated for hosting. Ifatti sonodel 3ottobre: ​​A 61-year-old doctor dies a few hours after the introduction, as Alice Nobili's 35-year-old daughter is struck by a 35-year-old prosecutor's daughter after a violent blow to the head after being subjected to violence The view is blocked quickly. LaNobili was researched to kill the road along with the killing of the land and the capture of the vehicle. However, the investigation is currently followed by a former commander who was recently removed from the municipal police union Usbeil "Committee for Reality and Justice for Antonio Barbato". Because he was close to the clans after a meeting with a unit in an investigation of Boccassini.

At the scene, all-in-one Usb will arrive at the current commander, Marco Ciacci: "Ciacci is known to have worked with Ilda Boccassini for years," while the prosecution is directing the judicial police department – writing – "violation of the code dicomportamento."

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