Tuesday , October 4 2022

“I am very happy to be nominated because…”


Voting on television against Amedeo Goria and Raffaella Fico, the actor also reveals who his next “victims” will be.

Last night, in the process ninth chapter GF VIP 6, David Silvestri was nominated with Raffaella Fico to Amedeo Goria. Now accustomed to voting on television, the boy began to philosophically accept the fact that he was among the group’s least favorites just in time. The actress reacted very badly when she was nominated for the first time, but today her attitude seems to have changed a lot.

Chatting with some of his tenants, Silvestri accepted:

It will sound silly to you, but I am very happy. Not that I want to go out. I am happy to be nominated for both. Two people who gave me their name. Raphaella to amedeo. Anyway, if I stay, I’ll throw one. With Raphaella I don’t talk to him because I’m not. If it doesn’t come out next time, I’ll name it again, I’ll name it until it does. as i told him Andrea, from SamiI say now Raphaella. will be next Matter, then it will Amedeo later Francesca. I have already decided where to go.

David therefore it seems that he is not afraid of the candidacy. Additionally, gieffino has a very clear idea of ​​what strategy to follow in the next episodes of the series. Big Brother Vip 6.

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