Monday , May 16 2022

Horoscope: What is your taste? Learn by zodiac sign


You also want to tell the stars themselves in this area: salty or spicy

ARIES – You don't like neutral flavors and you prefer strong and determined flavors like your personality. spicy your desk can never be missing, not only because many dishes have eaten taste, but also often have an aphrodisiac power. There are lush red pepper plants on your balcony that usually give you joy and vitality. Don't forget the kindness of ginger and enjoy using your favorite cocktails.

Toro – One of your favorite games, besides watching Masterchef, can taste different flavors and different dishes to compare the different flavors they have. Your preferences are almost always saltedYou can't say no to a delicious pizza or a layer of freshly cooked lasagna. You like cooking and the dishes are always very tasty. After all, eating is one of the pleasures of life that you will never want to give up.

TWINS – Your bipolarism is very evident even in your pleasures. Sometimes you like sweet and sometimes spicy: it depends on your mood. You like to play a part of the sophistication and expertise of organic products and wine. In any case, you can say that you're inclined towards taste bittersweet and, above all, for sauces that accompany the food of your favorite Japanese restaurant. When you decide to put yourself in the kitchen, you will welcome everyone.

CANCER – Your kitchen is packaged with flour, vanilla sticks, cinnamon, cocoa and cream candies to prepare very soft cakes, cakes and biscuits in all shapes and colors. Therefore, your favorite taste is definitely dessert. You spend all your days in a candy store and you often have a soft spot for gummy bears. You want to find such sweetness even in the people you are dealing with every day.

LEONE – You always want to be summer, walk by the sea or swim in the warm sun. As this is possible if you travel to tropical countries all year round, look for summer meals and eat flavors and drinks. exotic and fruity. Pineapple is one of the most common ingredients in your kitchen, and you won't be afraid to serve your guests on colored skewers even if it is 2 degrees outside.

VIRGIN – Your angular character talks about what your favorite tastes might be. It's easy enough to guess that you're bent on everything that has given a taste. minus or citrus. Lemons are never on your table and you will probably have a healthy habit of drinking lemon juice and hot water as soon as you wake up every morning. Is that why many people are accused of being sour? You can remind everyone that the lemon is very fragrant.

SCALE – In general, you're not a very greedy person, but you have refined and sophisticated tastes in the way of being elegant and elegant. After all, even when you eat, you look more into the aesthetics of the food than quality. The language deserves your full attention. Your favorite taste, light version sweet. In essence, avoid refined sugars and prefer to use the sweetener or, better still, stevia (which is very trendy recently).

SCORPION – A complicated and twisted person like you can only love the taste spicyEspecially when you cannot differentiate the flavors of different spices used in the dish you eat. You like peppermint, saffron and pink pepper (although you tend to hide it sometimes, the romance of Water Marks is also very clear to you). Those who come to see you at home can be surprised by the neat and meticulous arrangement of the many colorful jars in your closet.

SPRING – It is well known that you enjoy traveling and traveling around the world, and you have learned to appreciate the flavors that are outside of your use and traditions. After trying for the first time, you can't resist the taste smoked and not only in charcuterie or salmon, but also in soups or meats. Lapsang Souchong (Chinese smoked tea) has a taste that you don't care about, and you often recommend it to friends who don't always appreciate it.

CAPRICORN – Very salty or peppered flavors are definitely not one of your choices, and in general, you always prefer not to abuse the flavors on your plates or various spices. Desserts, except for a priori of them. Someone might suggest you choose plates with taste without salt, bland. And the bread that is actually produced in many Italian regions, most of the bread that eats your taste buds. Can I even let you go into the kitchen?

AQUARIUS – The oddity of everything you love is oddity, originality. In fact, you like to stand out and you can't choose to taste rare and lesser-known flavors.umamiIn 1908 Kikunae Ikeda (professor of Japanese chemistry) defined it as a basic taste. It is a delicious taste not only in Japanese seaweed brooch but also in an experienced ham in parmesan. anchovies or ripe tomatoes colatura.

THE FISH – Sensitivity can never be missing in your life, but it would be very easy to go and search in sweets. Your tastes are more complex and you are capricious and eager. Neptune welcomes you and offers you an alternative taste. sweet but little alcoholic. That's why you can't resist the whipped cream cakes with the sponge cake soaked in alcherms or all the other desserts that have been tasted after the liquor. Mostly, you are given a little help!

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