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his grandfather and aunt killed by poison

VARMO – Completed for mental illness, but should stay at least ten years in a forensic psychiatric structure. It was decided by the judge that the Preliminary Trial of the Court of Monza Patrizia Gallucci. Mattia Del ZottoNova Milanese, who overcame thallium sulphate, which is more than 24 years old and secreted in an infusion, poisoning her relatives cascina di Varmo (Udine) This is where the Del Zotto family always spent their holidays.
In the summer and autumn of 2017, Patrizia Del Zotto killed and killed his grandmother grandfather Giovanni Battista Del Zotto (94) and Gioia Maria Pittana (91). Five other people have serious poisoning, survived with a miracle. Because Del Zotto's understanding and will is insufficient according to the court, it will not end behind the bars of a cell, but in health facilities.


The prosecutor of Carlo Cinque, the prosecutor at Monza, requested a judicial psychiatric examination of the young person with a mental illness or the integration of the expert's report prepared by the judge. The psychiatrist's counsel for the counselor documented the pre-planned voluntary murder and the semi-signature of the personal injury detachment. In the absence of new assessments, the prosecutor requested defense against civilians. On the other hand, the defense of the young man who demanded mischief was quite different. However, the expert appointed by the court had come to another conclusion: anla He was affected by a poor disorder; he was completely inadequate in wanting to understand and want the facts because of mental defects Ancak. Thus, the prosecutor concludes that, even though, he can participate in the process lad he concludes that he defines it as bir a socially dangerous person who needs intensive treatment of an indefinite period in a judicial psychiatric structure Dolayısıyla.


Thallium is an odorless but non-lethal, tasteless substance. To poison and kill grandparents and family members, Mattia Del Zotto would add mineral water and infusion of nettles in the homes of two elders. The young man confessed to the plan worked in his room. Mattia actually set up barricades in the room without any contact with the outside world. He spent all day in front of the screen, knew how to move online, and how to delete every hint. First, they rebuilt the researchers, tried to get arsenic, because thorium sulphate was preferred because it would put the anonymity of the company at risk. So he created a mailbox with a fake name: Davide Galimber. He was able to hide all traces he had contacted with a company in Padua and received six bottles of poison. The computer cleared any links that could link it to it, but it drew an e-mail stating that the company did not send an e-mail to the company to receive heavy metal. A year ago, the gendarmes and the messages cut by him were handcuffed.

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