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Health: impact, importance of vaccination – Initiatives


Luciano Masini

Reggio Emilia, 10 November 2018 – effect He's already here, and he's gonna lay millions of Italian beds in the spring.. Is it necessary to be vaccinated? What are the ways of recovery? This is a & # 39; seasonal & # 39; subject Carlino Salute & # 39; head weekly Villa Verde.


Region already launched vaccination campaign against effectEvery year, the seasonal disease is investing an average of 10% of Italians on the bed (it is estimated that 681 thousand people are sick in the winter months in Emilia Romagna). How do you fight the virus? Let's take stock of the situation Luciano Masini, Internal medicine, hematology and pediatrics specialist, long-term care professional at Villa Verde.
Dr. Masini, let's be clear: what is flu?
Lar It is a virosis characterized by general symptoms (fever, fatigue, fatigue, headache, muscle pain) and respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath).
Money-flu diseases and real flu …
"By the way, we can say that seasonal respiratory virosis has reached the first coldness, and it catches us firstly in clothes.
How does the flu virus spread?
"It is a virus that is good in winter and spread by saliva droplets and sputum excretions in crowded environments".
How can you prevent this?
"Dissemination is limited by patient isolation and simple measures (handwashing, masking), while prevention is provided only by vaccination to both individual immunity and those who are interrupted by the vaccine called" immunity in flocks ".
Which pharmacological treatments are useful?
) We said that fire is a tool for the body's defense, and that when it's too hot, it's antipyretic, and perhaps we don't have a chance to rest for a few days (still better).
On the other hand, antibiotics are banned, right?
”They are useless because they act on bacteria, not on viruses.“
Many people ask themselves: Is the vaccine safe?
. It is absolutely yes and the only prevention tool. Only inactivated vaccines are used in Italy, ie without all active viral particles.
Which unwanted reactions were found?
"Local reactions such as redness or otherwise bland".
No doubt who should vaccinate?
Belirli Some underlying diseases that increase the risk of complications of people of all ages over the age of 65, above all, those who are not at risk of carrying out their activities with a certain social value, pneumonia ".
And the kids?
"Up to six months is undesirable, taking into account the chances of getting sick (10 times more than the elderly) and the spread of the virus".
And subjects with autoimmune diseases?
”In this case, the decision-maker should be the expert“.
As a result?
Önünde Vaccination is strongly recommended when considering vaccine safety and lowering social costs (consider the average improvement of 18 per euro invested in the vaccine). We must fight skepticism ".

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