Monday , May 16 2022

He conducted studies on tumors developed in oncologic radiotherapy, Chieti, at the National Congress of Rimini.


Chieti's Oncological Radiotherapy, directed by Domenico Genovesi, recently starred in the 28th Congress of the Italian Society of Radiotherapy Oncology (A.I.R.O), held at Rimini.

Numerous articles on various tumor pathologies and study and research protocols have been presented to the congress by the Chieti group and have been interested in the techniques of intensifying the dose of radiotherapy to the tumor, especially in rectal tumors driven by modern use. Investigation and possible optimization of radiotherapy in magnetic resonance, pancreatic tumors and gynecological tumors, the latest updates in anus carcinoma and prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal toxicity caused by radiotherapy.

Chieti Radiotherapy physicians also took part in training sessions of this year's ENT tumors and the Laboratories for the preparation of volumes to record and record the stereotaxis of tumor lesions with modern technique. Upper abdomen

Al Coordination and management of these laboratories – highlighting the local ASL – is now entrusted to the Chieti Radiotherapy by the National Scientific Society for a decade, and has therefore been recognized as a national reference point in this regard. and gynecological tumors after radiotherapy focused on evaluations on quality of life.

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