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Gianmarco Amicarelli and Jane Alexander left? / Video: there were already problems (Big Brother Vip)


The relationship between Jane Alexander and Gianmarco Amicarelli Did they leave without talking to each other? Inside that house Big Brother Vip and has already proven to be closed by what might be called old. What is puzzled is how they both treat the situation differently. The couple lived together at the entrance to the actress's house, and Amicarelli asked her to marry her and to scream out for her. Nevertheless, she did not appreciate this externalization, left everyone without a speech, and show how clear the problems were between the two. This did not emerge from the words of Gianmarco in various interviews, but it also seemed clear about what was happening between Elia Fongaro and her fiancee, who initiated a relationship. It could still be an interesting thing tonight, it's about the aspect of the couple who will definitely suggest the many words of Gianmarco that are circulating in newspapers these days. (By Matteo Fantozzi)

"It's ridiculous"

The new Big Brother Vip division could see the much awaited comparison between Jane Alexander and Gianmarco Amicarelli. Gianmarco seems unlikely to cover all doors to Jane, despite the disappointment of what happened in Italy's home and Elia Fongaro. Im It's a ridiculous situation, but I don't see it before I decide, and I understand what happened there. – Amicarelli – confessed in an interview published yesterday, I am suffering, he is the one who suffers more pain. I'm disappointed, not the Jane I know, the one I love, the one I'm talking about the future. Kop The pain that Gianmarco will deliver once has just met Jane and explained the reasons for this. Will she be the last in their relationship? (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Gianmarco Amicarelli grieves for Jane

He's in so much pain, and for the first time yesterday in Sunday Live. Gianmarco Amicarelli said publicly. He and Jane Alexander Have not gone yet, not officially, until they come to the eye and will be able to clarify everything and feelings. Big Brother VIP 2018 fans have been eagerly awaiting the fight on television in the program's work since the day yesterday. This is a show where he's ready to go to TV, today's the right episode? Today, Gianmarco confirmed that Jane, as everyone believes, really suffers from what really happened in the light of the fact that they were not in crisis. The actress reiterated the fact that they took back from everyday life and little love, and were not surprised when she asked for her hand outside. What do they say when they meet? (Hedda Hopper)

Something unthinkable for him

After the silence period, Gianmarco Amicarelli, Jane Alexander's partner decided to talk in front of cameras on Sunday Live. In the home of Big Brother Vip, the man, along with the actress who allowed Elia Fongaro 's passion, revealed some details of the story. Gianmarco does not show her finger against Elia, but against women with important projects. In fact, the man explained that he was not able to understand the sudden change in D & # 39; Urso. "In my opinion, it's not so ridiculous that it's plausible … The change you've made in a couple of days was so sudden, so I can't wait to talk to him to understand what happened to him. When I see the members of the house, I couldn't imagine it as a flame, it's not her type, "says Amicarelli, who prefers to talk directly into Jane's eyes before putting a dot in history (updating Stella Dibenedetto).

Gianmarco Amicarelli: "I'm waiting to see Jane Alexander"

After betrayal Jane Alexander continued at home Big Brother Vip 2018 With Elia Fongaro Gianmarco Amicarelli grope In fact, it cannot be explained by what triggered this spark, and what made its girlfriend to take such a step. "That's ridiculous. The change I've had over the last few weeks … (…) I don't know what's going on." But today, more than ever, he does not want to talk to him; In the next few hours, the authors can convince the realities of Channel 5 to organize a meeting. "I can't wait to get to know him and try to understand him, and Barbara D 'revealed the musicians in the living room of Urso. A decision about the continuation of their history.

Gianmarco Amicarelli, "Elia Fongaro? I have no

What did Jane Alexander want to betray? Gianmarco Amicarelli at home Big Brother Vip 2018? In the Sunday Live work yesterday afternoon, we talked about it and talked a lot more, but the presenter asked her girlfriend to explain a little bit more about what her girlfriend meant when she was talking about kız disrespect Dün. He said he didn't have the idea that he didn't mention anything, because I don't know what he was talking about. He certainly didn't expect that kind of behavior, because sen I touched you a few times about what you said to me und but you're crazy, it would get me tired of thinking about something like that Kesinlikle. However, against Elia Fongaro, he does not feel any hatred towards his "not a kind of child he loves" perspective. "I don't have her – Jane appeared to be Alexander's boyfriend – with her more on her, she had to put in some bets".

"Crisis? Absolutely not"

Gianmarco Amicarelli the new division will be among the main players The elder brother Vip 2018? After recent statements in the living room on Sunday Live, Jane Alexander's ex-daughter returns to the attack tonight and tells her everything she feels after a desperate visit to her betrayal. A betrayal he didn't expect, as Barbara told Urso since yesterday, in the first weeks she actually stayed, the actress did nothing more than talk about her. "He made me a shirt, hearts on the sand, he always talked about me". And in a possible pre-existing crisis, he voted with a vote: önceden Absolutely not. He didn't even tell me if it was in the crisis. Bana Even gifts that both would have changed just before the entrance of the GF into the home of the couple, to confirm the absence of their problems, both of which would be the future of both.

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