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Folgaria, Massimo Toller shoots his stepson and then commits suicide. Protect his wife

In Costa di Folgaria, Alessandro Pighetti and his stepfather, Massimo Toller, knew all the differences. They had seen them discussing them often, but they were waiting for a tragic epilogue until Friday evening on the second floor of the building on Via 135, where Massimo lived together with his wife Renata and Chiari and his 31-year-old son, Alessandro.


At the beginning of the debate was only Alessandro and Massimo, Massimo was about to throw a gun out at an exciting time, but Alexander managed to throw the gun first, and he hurried to meet the man's mother and warned him. Your guy's armed, he's dangerous. The mother and son then returned home to try to resolve the dispute, convinced the man that he was now disarmed and could settle the dispute, but they would not have time to enter the apartment that he had previously taken out. A rifle, a Flobert and his son, took refuge in the nearby Fashion Sports store where a blow on his face in the presence of his mother, at this point escaped terror and raised the alarm. After a hunting rifle, he dived into the house, drew the man by dragging him to the barricade and there would be a fatal blow in his living room with the same rifle under his chin.


None of the two guns were taken into custody, Toller had no license, and neither his wife nor his stepson were aware of the existence of two firearms. According to Rovereto's first reconstruction of Carabinieri, coordinated by Great Commander Di Lena, everything would be between 19 and 19.30. The reasons for the tragedy still need to be clarified. Probably everything would start from the controversial debate that would lead to excessive action. Women, the ambulance to stay away from the tragedy of the hospital to stay away from the shock of 22.20 Fashion Sport Costa di Folgaria managed to escape from a refuge 20 meters from home.

Country is blocked

From the moment of the tragedy, when the alarm was triggered, the country was completely shut down by traffic and by people all over Via Maffei: firefighters, gendarmes, bomb workers and special departments. The country was trapped for hours in the event of an inactivity, the first people coming down the street came to the bombs when they entered the house at 21.30.

Alcoholism problems

Everyone in the village knew the family. Massimo Toller, 61, used to say that he was a good person in the background of the driver and now in state planning, but he had problems with alcoholism and led to constant fights with his stepson. And not just with him. In the past this problem has caused him other unpleasant situations. A 31-year-old research fellow, Alessandro, worked in a company dealing with cars in Rovereto, where he graduated from high school, and part of the primary and secondary schools joined Folgaria. An athlete, Alessandro, joined the gym in the village where he met his friends. A peaceful and peaceful life outside the home. A continuous friction with the stepfather. Among them, like her mother, her mother, Renata Pighetti, a 51-year-old Chiari in the province of Brescia, had worked in the hotel industry, just like her son. The reliefs continued throughout the night.

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