Wednesday , February 26 2020


There is a Mister Church playing for Fiorentina and a doctor playing for the national team. So for those who still have some doubts and those who haven't lived last night, I recommend you to review Italy's fun game against Armenia. Federico Chiesa's performance is somewhat exaggerated because the performance is exaggerated. A primary goal is the synthesis of a night to remember, the first blue, two assists, two woods and many movements, but also a clear joy and a lot of peace. Again, we saw the church again, which we admire in the purple and have been trapped lately. Certainly, it is clear to everyone that the relationship between the player and the company is not idyllic because of the performance below their possibilities, and even though Fiorentina continues to deny it, it becomes the main problem to be solved.

I don't know if the church is happy, don't ask me. Certainly tense on the field, shady, tending to play more than the team itself, pointing out mistakes, protesting, tend to experience negativity with him in an unconscious way. Nobody thinks that the performance of the Church in Fiorentina falls due to a lack of choice or attachment, a 22-year-old boy cannot be a robot, and everything that is around him, his career, his future, his contract, of course, make the best of his work do not give indispensable peace to any professional. This is a non-drift situation and should be solved simply because the church is not only any player, but also the best Fiorentina player. Ribery is another story. I'm expressing the concepts I've already voiced recently, and I'm going to apologize, but after seeing a game like last night, it's worth repeating because the church's goals and assists saved Fiorentina last year. This is a value that makes the team under construction and makes it incomplete. I say this, because when Church is a private actor, I rebel when I see Church as a normal actor. At least for Fiorentina. If it is true that the company must make its choices and demonstrate its practical power by contract, it is equally true that a player's influence is wrong, that Juventus can do so by applying Mandzukic twenty times more. Your name is Fiorentina and Chiesa is your only champion.

For the sake of heaven, Rocco's strategies are right, he has the right to follow his ideas if he thinks the Church is inalienable, but in absolute terms, no footballer is a fair footballer and a treater. I already told you that this has become a Tafazzian position or, more coarsely, that it reminds me of the famous man who wanted to annoy his wife. I believe that the church case management is one of the few mistakes made by Commisso to date, but it is obviously a mistake. If the new owner of Fiorentina came to the company with the intention of not selling the Church, putting the contract into effect, it would be legitimate and acceptable, but he would have to explain the reasons and confront the Church's father and his son. For me, the first thing I would do when I arrived in Florence was because it was almost necessary to go on a common route with the only international player and one player inherited from the Chiesa Della Valle administration.

Against the wall, to the wall, or to the deterioration of the indifference that has been going on since last June, are the consequences of an unconsciously problematic player who slowly descends from decisive, perfection to normality. Rocco, on the other hand, should have called Enrico, clearly telling what was said to the public, the inability to trace, the history of the flag, and others. And although Enrico, as I thought, emphasized his willingness to move away for career reasons, it would have made sense to adopt a common strategy. Or a compromise. What? Something like that, if you stay here for another year or two, I'il double your salary, extend the contract, and then pick the team of the future together. Today, except for a Baron-Enrico meeting, which has always been denied, but which I think has left a deep mark, five months of silence and lack of communication.

Again last evening, Pradè reiterated that there was no interview with the prosecutor. However, bringing the contract to maturity in 2022 means economic (70 million lost) and sports damage (can you imagine that there are two and a half years between Montolivo-type discussions?) And Fiorentina knows that. In any case, I realized that before Christmas, Enrico Chiesa would be called to the venue and would be offered a compensation that would double three million euros by 2023-2024. Perhaps too late, but if Fiorentina will get a (likely) no, football logic will still require a common path to the interests of both parties, in search of a buyer acceptable to the company. If Rocco has a hard line in his head, that is legitimate, but no one complains that he has done less than Church attributes. Players do their best when they are physically well, but also psychologically. And someone who feels disappointed and shrinking in their passion for sports cannot be on top. Again, one can freely think, "The Church should only consider playing, it should pay more," but it does not work that way. Very simple.

There is, however, a tactical problem (perhaps). The church is prominent, does the best from the outside, centered when it expands, and goes to shoot. As a second scorer in 3-5-2, he struggled more and worked especially when Ribery was the only one in Fiorentina who spoke the technical language. Montella should work on this.

But last night's victory over the national team led to anger, even seeing Zaniolo. The first two times the blue in twenty years with an overflowing personality. Think of it, and Church are purple comrades. And think even more strongly that in the summer three years ago, Corvino threw Zaniolo by giving him the card. We've already said that many times. You may misunderstand, but it is unacceptable to continue talking and boasting. A touched B, three-year major mistakes made in Zaniolo, Mancini and Florence, and non-football football are not enough for a healthy self-image for a modest gesture. Nothing. As if nothing has happened. And there are still believers who give him the golden beaches. Not even the mysteries of football. But I was right, I know my chickens very well. Cagliari's five goals have regrouped the Steak Club, and it's a shame if you go back to what happened in the last ten days.

Many who did not speak of the wrong market and football returned to work around Fiorentina, like Frarovlini and Fratellini and the courts in Florence, to take their hands to Castrovilli (Inter and Rome) or Milenkovic (Barcelona). Miracles when Viola was in the supermarket.

Maybe they haven't figured out that Rocco didn't sell but didn't. At least they say so and close to January …

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