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Final Il borgo dei borghi 2021, ranking / Direct winner: Tropea islands crossed

At the end of this special episode Kilimanjaro Camila Raznovich, dedicated to the proclamation of Borgo dei Borghi, finally announced the winner: Tropea in Calabria, defeating two regions of the Sicilian and Sardinian islands competing with Geraci and Baunei. For the recording, the jurors had a profession for Albori (The Martial), Tropea (Venetians) and Baunei (Tozzi). The final classification is as follows: 20 Pico (Lazio), 19 Pomponesco (Lombardy), 18 Issime (Valle d’Aosta), 17 Borgo Valsugana (Trentino-Alto Adige), 16 Buonconvento (Tuscany), 15 San Giovanni (Emilia) in Marignano -Romagna), 14 Pofabbro (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), 13 Trivento (Molise), 12 Valsinni (Basilicata), 11 Finalborgo (Liguria), 10 Cocconato (Piedmont), 9 Corciano (Umbria), 8 Pietramontecorvino (Puglia), 7 Malcesine (Veneto), 6 Campli (Abruzzo), 5 Grottammare (Marche), 4 Albori (Campania), 3 Geraci Siculo (Sicily), 2 Baunei (Sardinia), 1 Tropea (Calabria). (adj. Rossella Pastore)

Village of villages: Fifth place for Grottammare

Both are set in the center of the table and did not go well for Pietramontecorvino in the province of Foggia and Apulian municipality in Malcesine near Verona, which are particularly beautiful. The second, in particular, is a dream place located on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, which is almost the host in the clip. Meanwhile, jurors Rosanna Marziale, Jacopo Veneziani and Mario Tozzi are giving Camila Raznovich the envelope with the name of the ‘personal’ winner. Village of villages. We continue to rank: Campli (Abruzzo) in the 6th and 5th place and, as the name suggests, there is a beach location: Grottammare in the Marche region. Absolutely paradise ‘between the sea and the hills’. (adj. Rossella Pastore)

Village of villages: Corciano’s beauties

At San Giovanni in Marignano, we stopped at 15th: above Romagna municipality at 14, 13, 12 respectively, Pofabbro (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Trivento (Molise), Valsinni (Basilicata) and Finalborgo (Liguria). We are at a crucial moment for the discovery of the 11th most important 10 positions in the Il borgo dei borghi ranking. As always, we start from the bottom: In the tenth row we find the Cocconato in Asti in the Piedmontese state, which is quite fully presented by young people, considering that the duration of the clip is only two to three minutes. Just above is Corciano in Umbria, with its artistic beauty found above all in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Of particular note is a fresco by Raphael’s student Perugino, which is still well preserved today. (adj. Rossella Pastore)

Village of villages: Pico to San Giovanni in Marignano

Pico, Pomponesco, Issime and Valsugana occupy the top four positions (bottom) of the ranking. Village of villages. Camila Raznovich is not in the studio as in other years: The jurors go from Gaeta, with her beautiful Villa to Bagnaia (Viterbo), to meet them directly at their “ hearts ” in Italy. Rovere, in the case of the latter. “I wish I could get lost in the back streets and squares, but I can’t because I have to meet the second juror of this raid …”. His name is Jacopo Veneziani, an art historian and a young master of the Sorbonne in Paris. After a short tour to get to know the gardens, we return to the race: in 16th place is piazza Buonconvento (Siena), whose name shows a community of people. The space in the clip also goes to the kitchen, Buonconvento is famous for truffles in the nearby forest. At this point in the ranking we see that the municipalities in the north start at a disadvantage: still a village in the north, San Giovanni in Marignano ranks 15th. (adj. Rossella Pastore)

Last classified a Village of villages

As might be expected, the ‘disadvantaged’ villages of this raid Village of villages those of the larger regions. Village of villages In fact, this is a competition for the development of small and semi-unknown realities, and therefore it is understandable that Lazio and Lombardy are ranked 20th and 19th in the state of Frosinone with Pico and Pomponesco respectively. Mantua state. After briefly reviewing the beauties of these two villages, Camila returns to the screen and immediately rises to 18th and 17th. The program recently started with his friend (and respect for his friend and friend). KilimanjaroPhilippe D’Averio, who died in 2020 due to a tumor. But back to the race: Issime (in Valle d’Aosta) and Borgo Valsugana (in Trentino Alto Adige) at 18 and 17 respectively. (adj. Rossella Pastore)

Predictions Il borgo dei borghi 2021: final and official rankings arrived

Sunday, April 4, at prime time on the Raitre, Camila Raznovic directing the finale Villages village 2021. The presenter is next to Rosanna marzialestar chef Mario Tozzi, geologist, e Jacopo Veneziani, The art historian emphasizes Italian beauties and precious pearls that stand out with culinary and artistic traditions. An evening entirely devoted to the small Italian villages that deserve to be known, from north to south of Italy. The hamlet of the villages highlights the little Italian realities where it is also possible to relive historical traditions. A fascinating journey that they allow Camila Raznovic getting to know the many small villages it carries in its heart.

“From Tuscany to Ortigia, Syracuse, they are all magical places every time there is a spectacular discovery.”, told TV Smiles and Songs The host admits that he will never leave Italy to move to another country.

What are the villages included in the bottles for the title of Village Winner 2021?

Final Villages village 2021 At the end, the winning village will be decided, highlighting the beauty of all the competing villages. Villages were voted on the Rai website 7-21 March. Twenty villages compete, one for each region. The winner was the village, which received the highest percentage of votes among the votes cast by the public and the expert jury of Rosanna Marziale, the leading actor and protagonist of the Food Network TV channel; “Sapiens” by Mario Tozzi’s geologist and chief; Professor, popularizer, and doctoral student at the Sorbonne Art History in Paris Jacopo Veneziani. Rival villages:

ISSIME (Aosta Valley – Aosta)
COCCONATO (Piedmont-Asti)
FINALBORGO (Liguria – Savona)
POMPONESCO (Lombardy – Mantua)
BORGO VALSUGANA (Trentino Alto Adige – Trento)
MALCESINE (Veneto – Verona)
POFFABRO (Friuli Venezia Giulia – Pordenone)
SAN GIOVANNI AT MARIGNANO (Emilia Romagna – Rimini)
BUONCONVENTO (Tuscany – Siena)
CORCIANO (Umbria – Perugia)
GROTTAMMARE (Marche – Ascoli Piceno)
PICO (Lazio – Frosinone)
CAMPLI (Abruzzo – Teramo)
TRIVENTO (Molise – Campobasso)
ALBORI (Campania – Salerno)
VALSINNI (Basilicata – Matera)
TROPEA (Calabria – Vibo Valentia)
GERACI SICULO (Sicily – Palermo)
BAUNEI (Sardinia – Nuoro)


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