Thursday , August 5 2021

FCA restructuring hypothesis: Is the sale of Fiat to separate PSA, Alfa and Maserati and merge with GM? – News

Reorganization of FCA: Is the Fiat PSA transferred to Alpha and Maserati, then merging with GM?

But goodbye Marchionne and its acquisition Manley The change for FCA was certainly not finished, but was known, it started. Considering that rumors are uncontrolled, what is unknown? speculators, our beloved Italian car brands have really been included in a large American boiler. The last hypothesis or better proposal was right for everyone's trial and was also presented to President John Elkann. ADWFCA shareholder fund. This is not to be followed by the board, not the voice of one of the biggest and most influential shareholders, but still a heavy opinion given the global echo.

W America

A larger demand came from the US focus American, FCA and value creation (ie pursuing higher earnings). Dream Unite jeep Ford or better GMMaintaining the great value of the off road manufacturer within the married group. In order to achieve more profitability, it will be advisable to sell "old Fiat" as well as the recent production of Magneti Marelli. Three-colored flag ship Alfa Romeo and MaseratAgain, according to the ADW hypothesis, it will have a greater value by separating itself from the rest and will remain open to the whole world, and will continue to have a clear presence of former FCA shares; While the small Fiat could continue on an independent road, it could focus better, even under the hat of a French band like the PSA. European.

Fiat Professional, Lancia and Abarth? The press releases appear to be unlikely to address them, according to the financial use of large companies in these shares, but they are clearly linked to Fiat.

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