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Ezio Greggio rejects Biella's honorary citizenship for disrespect to Liliana Segre

His father was in concentration camps for years.

A week ago, the city council rejected the request to grant honorary citizenship to the life scene, to issue a power of attorney for the petition to survive, and threatened with death.


The political controversy over the honor which Liliana Segre rejected ended with the termination of the honorary citizenship offered by Ezio Greggio to the municipality of Biella. The Democratic Party of Piedmont and Pentastellata Education Undersecretary Lucia Azzolina criticized Mayor Lega Claudio Corradino's decision to reject Striscia la Notizia's leadership a week ago, when she chose the leadership of Striscia la Notizia to grant citizenship to its chief. To nominate Shoah's surviving senator, the civil list threatened to kill him. Azzolina said, "Without receiving anything from a well-known TV presenter," the sensation of institutions would have made other choices. "Regional secretary demos Paolo Furia said," Biella, who does not deserve this destruction, the city of resistance's gold medal. "

In the evening Ezio Greggio gave up his citizenship on Saturday. “My respect for Senator Liliana Segre has forced me to take a step back for everything it represents, for the value of history, memories, and memory, and could not accept the honor that the Municipality of Biella thought. I said, "The 65-year-old actress, comedian and director." It's not a choice against anyone, "Greggio," but a choice in favor of someone, but also my values, my family's history and concentration for consistency and respect for those who spend several years in the field. "

Citizenship offered by Biella to the entertainer born in Cossato, Biella region, called for the recognition of the associations "Ezio Greggio for premature babies" and "contributed to the spread of the name Biella in Italy and around the world." Since it was considered instrumental ", Segre was offered the honor of" Buongiorno Biella "and" people in the center "as" recognition of the witness and values ​​of the tragedy of the genocide. "justice and peace among people."

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