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Ezio Greggio: «My father Nereo is in a three-year concentration camp. Rejecting Segre for refusing citizenship »

It must be good news. «Mayor of Biella Claudio Corradino and junta will honor TV host on Saturday, November 23rd Ezio Greggio». And this is of little importance to Cossato, the country where the conductor is located. Strip the News He was born on 7 April 1954, at that time was in the province of Vercelli. The beauty of this was also true: televizyon The popularity of television as a conductor, journalist, actor and director; for continued commitment to the association dedicated to premature babies; Biella contributes to the spread of the name in Italy and around the world ». Less well, the same citizenship a week ago was denied to the senator for life. Liliana Segrebecause it was considered “instrumental”. "There is nothing against Senator Segre – the mayor's own party, the leader of the League, Alessio Ercoli – explained: the move presented to me is coming towards him.

Selection of Greggio

A case arose immediately when Ezio Greggio chose to respond with his refusal to be recognized and alienated him from a discussion that would no longer be alien to personal and family history. "My respect for Senator Liliana Segre is forcing me to take a step back for everything it represents, the value of history, memories and memory, and I cannot accept this honor that the Municipality of Biella thinks," he said last night. "It is not a choice against anyone, but also for the sake of consistency and respect for my values, my family's history, and the history of my father who spent several years in concentration camps."

The story of your father

father NereoHe died in January 2018 at the age of 95, the conductor, actor and director has always been an engine and lantern in his life. I once told him:Soldier in Greece During World War II, he refused to return to Italy to fight partisans who were related. And he became an intern for her Three years in a concentration camp in Germany». He said that he had a cinematographic life especially in his youth and learned everything from him, even from irony, because humor accompanied him to the last day. The conductor greeted his father at the end of each episode. strip Calling her «Nereus». And only after a while he revealed to the audience who Nereo owed his second name: his father.

Parents lesson

Naturally, the blow-and-answer between center-left and center-right hit Greggio's head, who was trying to find himself in the midst of a surreal debate, who wanted to push himself away with a tidy and precise statement. Because the idea that citizenship was denied to Liliana Segre should have been "unbelievable" for her, but only for Undersecretary of Education Lucia Azzolina (5 Stars Movement) who left the actor: "Unbelievable. Liliana Segre, the mayor of Biella, survived the Holocaust." He refused to give him citizenship, but he did not hesitate to give Ezio Greggio a cheerless explanation on the corporate website, without taking anything from him, and why Segre didn't do it. would also apply ".
It's hard to try to joke to find the positive side, that's what Greggio did on behalf of his father, who inherited the "gift of the joke" in front of millions of viewers every day. Banking was not the way father Nereo, the manager of a textile company, and mother Luciana, who worked with her. But he didn't forget his history lesson.

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