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Estra tries to climb: when competing for Uniaco, Sei Toscana's ır safe aya – Economia


Arezzo, November 14, 2018 – Many companies of large companies sitting at the same table. And there's also Estra. Others extend from Iren to Hera, Acea and Aimag. With the aim of getting the whole cake or a large slice. The Unisco Holding Environment company Ossìa la Uha is the business unit of the cooperative colossus, which mainly manages a large part of Italy, particularly secondary to waste.

Despite the financial collapse of Unieco – from April 7, 2017 onwards, it is the most attractive with its 140 million turnover. Last Saturday, the deadline for the submission of interest statements on the desk of the liquidator, Corrado Baldini, was terminated.

Twenty people were received, but others were able to arrive by post within the next few hours. And tomorrow it will be examined at a meeting. We are still at a primitive stage because the expressions of interest are nothing more than a free approach on the table rather than on participation. As if to say: «We are here». And those who are accepted to the next step will be able to access the Data Room or the holding company's documentation and then evaluate the formulation of the actual and concrete proposal.

Then, the Ministry of Economic Development will call for tenders with experts to determine the basic price. The goal is to find a new owner at the end of 2019. But the turmoil is already great. Match with mutual interest and money is important. But also strategies to play on rivals and rival opponents. Therefore, all of the multi-purpose services positioned themselves on the chessboard.

In the first place, Iren, who is trying to integrate the two parts of the environment in 2014, is later nuanced. Aimag also plays a major role in the management of the Modena region, from Carpi to Finale Emilia. And then there is Hera in Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini. Acea will also compete with the concession – recently extended by mayor Virginia Raggi – in Rome until 2031. Although there is no evidence of A2A, it is a multi-service Brescia that it can initially access.

Finally, Estra has an interesting nomination. Even if the liquidator is willing to give priority to the bidders of the whole block, the energy group will be interested in the – disaggregated – research that is part of the services in Southern Tuscany, which belongs to Stac Sei Toscana.

For now, Estra, along with its waste management company Alia, one of the most important actors of Italy in the Tuscany region, has presented an expression of interest. This first step can be the initiation of an alliance that aims to create a Tuscan Hera: a multi-purpose service with a wide public control, from energy and waste services to water services. However, it is a goal that has to pass for the takeover of the Unieco Holding Ambiente. And above all, Sta.

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