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EMANUELE BERARDI, BARBARA D & # 39; s End of URSO / TV after the appearance of the similar and the burst of the follower!

On the Internet, only one view of Barbara D & # 39; The queen of Canale 5, the second half of the presenter, conquered almost everyone with her charms and intimacy. To see it, just review your social profile: if you had less than 10 thousand followers yesterday, now Emanuele has almost 14 thousand. Many left their likes and comments yesterday when they first met him. Emanuele, on the other hand, never wanted to be seen on TV. In the same interview, Barbara D 'Urso said: "Emanuele is a director. If you ask me for advice? For philanthropy. I already know he will get angry with this question." After a while I wonder if we will have the chance to see him on the small screen again (updated by Anna Montesano)

His joke is Barbara's mother, Urso.

Emanuele Berardi, son Barbara d & # 39; Urso The Channel 5 freaked out his viewers The photographer and video producer became an accomplice to organizing an ugly joke against the authors of Scherzi and his mother. Emanuele suddenly came to Cologno Monzese studios: he needs to speak to his mother immediately. D & # 39; Urso is very concerned immediately after being aware of his son's arrival. So in the ad between "Sunday LiveEl He goes to the dressing room to talk to his son. At this point, Emanuele tells about renting Capalbio's villa to a photographer on AirBnb; layan I have 8 mortgages to pay, un says the conductor almost in tears. göz Barbarella doesn't believe in his son's words, but there is a real blow in front of the photo! During the joke, however, the audience's attention fell upon the youngest son of Mediaset, who, in fact, wasn't literally maddened by his comments published on social networks in front of Urso's young man. "How cool is Urso's son?" He writes to someone else on Twitter, "am" a Barbara D Do you want to talk about gnoccaggine, son of Urso, until you're ready to marry him? (Updated by Emanuele Ambrosio)

Joke aside is a joke

Tonight, who is watching the first episode of the new edition? Serious Section, you will encounter with a terrible joke made Barbara D & # 39; Urso his son Emanuele. The show is really a very low blow to a boy with no known face and many want to know for a while. When the server touched them without revealing curiosity or anything. Who is he? Emanuele BerardiIs the jester's jester the author? Barbara D & # 39; s second child of Urso: 30 years old and born in 1988. Just as the older brother of two brothers, Giammauro, has chosen a very different path than their parents. Emanuele is a professional photographer and reports worldwide.


Emanuele Berardi For his work lives between Milan and Rome, and also with his mother Barbara D 'Urso. Emanuele loves to travel and has been in India, Palestine, Israel and Thailand for years. During these trips, he took most of the most beautiful pictures. In 2015, in Milan Expo, Emanuele exhibited his photographs in an exhibition that emphasized his great talent. Emanuele is engaged to the Italian naturalized Slovak model, chef and actress Andrea Lehotska for two years. Another of Scherzi's first images on television was the result, and as far as we saw, it was perfect. Urra, in view of his son's extreme privacy, admits that it was really impossible to see him on TV, and that's why he fell for it.

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