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Diletta Leotta in her underwear … what a story


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Diletta Leotta in Intimissimi Uomo ad

New ad IntimissimiIf you have not yet published, it is already a cult to talk about on the net. This success is certainly due to the hero, the beautiful one. Diletta Leotta, dressed as an expert in buyers and underwear … men. Wrapped in a sexy, gray dress, Sicily lends itself as an entertaining sketch for its audience, mainly created by men.

He almost doesn't believe his eyes, he finds himself against the sports person to try on his underwear that goes into the dressing room. Thus, a screen starts; Diletta Leotta The judge asks him to show himself, to return, to appreciate and to approve.
These are the lyrics, great classic Kazakh Visited by Gianni Meccia (1960) Intimissimito clarify the story: "The panties you saw me – you know, my darling is a virtue – I didn't have the courage to stand before you – I didn't and now instead".

Shame turns into a game, and the situation between the two becomes increasingly “intimate“. Ironically, however, the scene closes with a customer who can never find another change. Diletta LeottaBut another customer in pajamas for leaving the store full of packages. "I'm just looking for you – but I open my eyes and you're not there anymore".


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