Thursday , August 5 2021

Desirée, "A group was not raped." And the judges rejected the murder charge

The Court was the first to submit a petition to the Investigation Court. And Alinno Chima, one of the four immigrants arrested after death, called "Sisco". Desirée MariottiniThe judges found him proved right. The accusation system (voluntary murder, sexual group violence and drug smuggling) alleged by the Rome prosecutor's office is subject to the first serious blow.

Lawyer Giuseppina Tenga, who faces a petition submitted by his lawyer from "Sisco", felt that college judges did not have enough indicators to blame the 46-year-old Nigerian murder. Not only this. Because – as it explains Time If the college could "lighten" such a struggle, it would "lighten" the rape charge. Prosecutors charged four Nigerians sexual violence groupFor judges, the crime would not have been committed in a package, but there would be "individually committed" abuses.

The assessment of the magistrate who carried out the investigation was different and it was stated that three migrants acted with ın persecution, cruelty and indifference ın in approving the precautionary measure and that m there is a very high danger because it does not hesitate to carry out the extremely damaging behavior of the damage Sor. a small subject reaching the victim of the primary good of life.

According to the Tempo, the other defendants could also be "useful". According to the researchers, in fact, Nigerians were aware that the dose of the drug sold to Desirée killed him. This conviction, however, does not seem to convince the judges of the trial that they do not believe there is enough evidence to prove the crime of murder in Sisco. The Nigerian are still being punished for charges of conflict, accusation and sexual violence (not a group).

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