Tuesday , July 27 2021

Cucchi: Inc, a legitimate real State – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, November 13 – "This afternoon at Montecitorio
Cremonini's film "My Skin" will be shown
The death story of Stefano Cucchi. I think so
It is important that the room hosts this display. SHE IS
Cucchi is a story of violence and a quest for truth.
affects and includes us all. A fact, and not one,
The state needs to give back to the family first of all but
even on its own. Because as I said in other cases
A State that looks at itself, sheds light on itself,
is a condition recognized by people and therefore
"The President of the Room Roberto Fico so that becomes stronger.

Dır Truth is always the source of the legitimacy of a state.
institutions and safety devices. For this
we must use all the way in this process, without it
fears, because the state shadows the citizens, citizens
Find trust, our community is more harmonious and
he manages to look to the future more peacefully ".



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