Thursday , July 29 2021

Crystal Dynamics Avengers project can be explained soon

In January 2017, almost two years have passed since Square Enix. The Avengers Project Edited by Crystal Dynamics; Since then, nothing is known, but it can be something to move. Developers added a new title to the project's official page, adding a new general information, adding a "NEW" ribbon to the link from the CD projects page. news.

This added two new tweets to Marvel's executives: one When he was the project Leader of the project Eric Monacelli other The Marvel Games, which are said to be exciting for an innovation they can't wait to share with the players, are the manager of Becka McIntosh's operations.

Therefore, we will soon have news about The Avengers, and the most likely opportunity to disclose / disclose Game AwardsThe annual event to take place between 6 and 7 December, and the first time to reveal or display many titles. So we'll have to wait less than a month to find out if it really is!

MX Video – Avengers (temporary title)

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