Tuesday , July 27 2021

Chiellini naked on social media: Milan-Juventus hot after the match!

MILAN – Send hot games San siro and the price was paid by Giorgio. ChielliniIt's naked on social media. A mistake? Rossonero from the baby Bellanova (2-0 on the bench in the match against the win).Satanthe great old Gonzalo Higuain stumbled upon an evening to forget) Mazzoleni appeared in the locker room of the enemies to get a selfie with his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. Accepted by a request CR7the teenage milanist posed for an image his friends sent to social media. And he was probably just there Bellanova Initially he noticed a small detail escaped: the Portugal phenomenon behind him and the captain of Juventus. Chiellini… how did my mother do? The web is a gaffe that doesn't run away from the people, so the image becomes immediately viral in the social networks and finally Bellanova apologized through the most famous colleague Instagram: "I'm very sorry about what's going on in social media right now – Bebe wrote rossonero. First of all, I'm sorry with Giorgio Chiellini, it wasn't my intention. I assure him and all his football supporters that I've taken a new photo in a big championship, but I haven't posted anything on social media. I made one mistake, I regretted, I shared it with some friends without first checking the photo. ».

Socialeyesed – Higuain, nightmare night

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