Sunday , November 29 2020

Chiara Ferragni Instagram Instagram Photos, Pictures, Fedez appreciates: "Ellapeppa"

Chiara Ferragni Hot in Instagram. The world's most famous fashion blogger warmed the cool air of these days by posting a photo of her curves wearing a bikini that triggered her fans' reactions. In the photo that sparked the debate, Ferragni wears a bikini that is light enough for fans to take a look at a nipple. In addition to hosting thousands of homes, the image criticized traitors who, as usual, had not lost the opportunity to criticize his wife. FedeZ. "You see the pacifier", a user writes. And another adds: "Maybe now you've become a mother of these photos. You can prevent them. They don't fit you anymore." And again: "Exaggerated, the mother of such a child." If some of the followers do not like it, those who appreciate the beauty of Ferragni are definitely Fedez.


To love more to his wife, FedeZ not just leave your own photo Chiara Ferragni She leaves her personal interpretation of the bikini, but also of the dessert half expressing her appreciation of the curves. "Ellapepp to"the rapper writes the opportunity to never express love even to his wife. Despite criticism from social media users, it is increasingly becoming a socialized couple. In fact, not all of them appreciate the interest of Ferragnez in the media, but he does not give weight to traitors and continues to share them with social happiness and love.

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