Friday , September 24 2021

Car tax, cancellations and refunds are triggered: whose turn it is

While the government was preparing an excerpt from the oldest slopes, someone has already suspended it. The car tax may incur some significant deductions.

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There was an important possibility about the car tax, one of the taxes that the Italians would gladly do without paying. The status of the stamp has also changed with the Draghi government’s decision to cancel the smaller tax bills. For millions of Italians, in fact, good savings expected due to no tax in your car. Failure to pay, in essence, will no longer be a nightmare to deal with. In part, thanks to the provision provided by the Draghi government, he took steps to curb the Collection on bills of less than 5,000 Euros between 2000 and 2010.

But it’s not just at the state level that the strategy on the car tax is changing. Regions have also had a say in anticipating government maneuvering and issuing some key exemptions to the automobile tax. For example, in Lombardy, a provision has been introduced that initiates cancellations and refunds Car tax for 2020. In the latter case, of course, if the taxpayer has already paid. And a large number of Italian regions have moved in this direction.

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Canceled car tax: What happens in the regions?

As noted, Lombardy foresaw everything in this sense. The reimbursement of the car tax will not be for everyone, but certainly for the workers who suffered the most economically impact during the most acute phase of the pandemic. These will include trading intermediaries. Moreover, Lombardy had requested a very specific exemption from the stamp., for vehicles with driver (taxi, rental, bus). A measure reinforced by the provision aimed at compensating those who undertake to pay the installment despite difficulties (refund will be made directly to a current account). In addition, studies are underway on the cancellation of the Superboll for high-powered cars.

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Similar measures are being worked on in other Regions as well. In addition to Lombardy, three other administrations have decided to lighten, suspend or postpone the auto tax. Veneto and Emilia-RomagnaThey specifically chose to block the car tax until July 31, 2021. Those whose expiration date is in May 2021 will have to pay in any case by August 2. Related Piedmont, the provision is very similar but as of August 2, the balance tax will be for those ending in June 2021.

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