Tuesday , July 27 2021

Bushes from 12 to 18 November 2018


One week for communication, Coachready to show a perfect conversation in every situation of life. Even if romance still requires education, this dowry will be very useful in love. Interesting career news at work can come.


Next week marks the beginning of a more comfortable period TaurusEven though there are minor everyday glitches. It improves interaction with the partner, but the most intimate and physical content of the relationship may not be satisfactory. In the workplace, by the way, a project can be a slow but effective recovery.


There's a lot on the horizon for this week. Gemini. Love is still passionate and very stimulating, especially on the romantic side of the relationship: it is likely to provide a good relationship with the partner. The working environment is more tedious with communication problems with colleagues and postponement of a project.


Seven days of ups and downs for the born cancerguided by opposing forces. There is no energy shortage, but the ambitious space can be mixed with both the romantic side of the relationship and the more purely physical. Life in the office requires more concentration, especially among colleagues, but there is room for a good project.


Coming for small news Leo During this week, even if the stars still impose an average warning. Love is romantic, but not passionate, it may produce some complaints from the partner. The working front is more interesting with the prospect of launching a new and satisfying project.


A week without much trouble, but without great news, virgin. Love is a bit l uncomfortable iletişim, perhaps not overly passionate, so it is necessary to improve communication with the partner. In the meantime, it is recommended that some new projects be reviewed: there are better ways to achieve them.


Seven very interesting days and some new surprises Libra. The loved area remains very romantic and passionate, considering the new fantasies with its partner. The professional side, meanwhile, guarantees research into new and lucky areas.


There is absolutely no lack of energy this week ScorpioHowever, some uncertain areas need to be considered. Even if some news approach weekends, love may be less satisfactory than normal, especially on the physical front. On the other hand, it is time to collect the fruits of what was sown last year.


Seven lucky days await those who are born SpringHe was interested in renewed optimism this week. The love field is physically very unstable, perhaps too unstable, but a good communication ability allows you to overcome each hitch. In the professional field, excellent career news can come.


Characterizes a great week of rationality CapricornReady to evaluate every situation before moving. Love is not overly satisfying, but you can still benefit from a good relationship with the partner. But in the professional field, it's not time to wait too long for colleagues and superiors.


Grit is still high for new week Aquariusready to face every everyday question. Love is certainly very passionate and naughty, but it does not lack some romance to consolidate the relationship with the spouse. The workplace, meanwhile, can be opened for new professional opportunities.

The fish

Seven days of preparation, The fishConsidering the energy load that will approach the next weekend. Love requires a small commitment to the partner, without excessive demands, especially in relation to the most romantic aspect of the relationship. By the way, it is better to avoid too heated discussions at work with colleagues.

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