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Buenos Aires hurts but Superclasico will play


Heavy rain in Bombonera.

Heavy rain in Bombonera.

The heavy rains hit this morning in the Argentine capital threaten the final between Boca and the River tonight. Thousands of agents to secure the city. An apocalyptic climate is accompanied by a countdown to the latest Libertadores Cup, threatened by strong winds and heavy showers. In Buenos Aires, where Boca and the River should take the Italian clock at 21:00 hours, it is critical that the local authorities and the Conmebol peaks vent the hypothesis of tomorrow's postponement of the game. In the afternoon, everything is blocked: Superlcasico is played. and Watch it live, minutes.

This morning, the powerful storm that hides the skies of Buenos Aires is seriously threatening the planned "derby" in Bombonera. There are several flooded areas on the playground and, according to the organizers, it will be necessary to wait for the next few hours to assess the effectiveness of the drainage system. At the moment, the rainfall in the Argentine capital has declined, but if you are not in the most favorable conditions for field start time, you can choose to delay 24 hours. The national meteorological system launched the weather alarm during the early hours of dawn, but it made a significant improvement in the afternoon ahead of the rain. Public risk and worry about the possibility of a strong electric storm that will create players.

Set the next two hours, since starting at 13 local hours (17 in Italy), they will open the doors of the Bombonera to allow the entrance of the fanbon. By the way, the armored city in the early morning. The local authorities and the Ministry of Security have decided to increase the number of agents deployed around the stadium and at the nerve centers in Buenos Aires: instead of 2,000 (initially anticipated 1,300 agents) to control the incident, they are also equipped with a face recognition monitoring system at a height of 300 meters. aerostatic On this occasion, special equipment will be used to prevent the use of drones to ensure safety even in the airspace of the Bombonera.

Despite the strong storm in Buenos Aires this morning, the risk of postponing Superlasico seems to be avoided. The latest bulletin issued by the national meteorological system provides a clear improvement over the next few hours to allow water to accumulate in the Bombonera area. "The site will be absolutely heavy, it is unnecessary to think that it can be in the most favorable conditions. But it will be possible to play the facility manager Fernando Jauregui for some time ago to be sure." The conditions of the roads and the access roads to Bombonera are complex, several asphalt sections have been flooded and inaccessible 17 The entry of fans from the Italian time is slow due to the flooding of the neighborhood, reaching some knees in some places.

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