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Brazil-Uruguay 1-0: Neymar's goal from the penalty spot


LONDON – Real race (with 8 ammonite), a busy tempo but only a goal London luxury test between Brazil and Uruguaythanks to a network won green gold for 1-0 Neymar. Grass oEmirates Stadium, homearmorybut it looks like a game Serie A: in Seleção Miranda Inter host defense and Douglas Costa between JuventusAdded by Tita With Firmino and Neymar starting from the bench in 4-3-3 trident Allen Naples and other Juventus Alex Sandro injured Marcelo; In "Celeste", instead of the first eleven (4-3-1-2 form) Bentanc is Juventus median with Inter Vecino and old sampdoriano Torreira, Caceres between Lazio defense and player in Milan Laxalt Left Neutral role during attack Napoleon Cavani with capitan Luis Suarez.

Brazil-Uruguay 1-0: match numbers and statistics

DOUGLAS – Before you start a moment of silence whistle Aldyr Schlee, & # 39; verdeoro & # 39; historic illustrator forming his jacket Seleção He died at the age of 83. All 11 Brazil with goals NeymarBut at the launch Filipe Luis attacker PSG The referee and the referee shall cancel. The green captain tries again shortly after the distance, but only touches the crossbar. 21 & # 39; Uruguayan replica, when Luis Suarez benefit from a wrong transition Danilo and get rid of busy in the area Miranda Before meeting with the former Roman goalkeeper Alisson with a big blow to the right. Half an hour Brazil with Filipe Luis two opponents of the game to get rid of the dribbling, but then the right to return the door after a short time to frame Firmino distance and Walace From the corner of the action head. In the first part of the match, instead of an out-of-game game Douglas CostaThe new extravagant hairstyle attracts attention and the yellow makes a yellow foul Laxalt Reaching Uruguay TorreiraMathias Suarez, added before the rest Vecino For a difficult introduction Neymar e Brazil Walace for ram Luis Suarez. Final feeling is parade Alisson over Cavani, Presented by Luis Suarez.

NEYMAR IS NOT FAIL – After the rest, it starts again unchanged andUruguay be dangerous in the first 50 Torreira si conuiqsta receives a free kick from Luis Suarez. Allen responds to major and next corner developments Vecino remove the ball too much. Then try to shake Douglas Costabad stopped by Laxalt (52 & # 39;), but now external Juventus he is more interested in his friends. 59 comes at the time Allen, the absolute first output Brazil instead Renato Augusto, 64 is reviewed while Neymar this uruguayan handles the goalkeeper Campaña and at 67 the Richarliso replaces Douglas Costa. Brazil now attackedUruguay closes to begin counter-attack as when in 73 Miranda Discreet to wait Luis Suarez the transition Cavani. Danger escaped Seleção A penalty for suspicious contact is passed to 76 & # 39;Luis Suarez ammonia for every protest Laxalt and Danilo: going on disk Neymar This makes the goalkeeper displaced and 1-0. Yellow card for yellow card Caceres and a minute laterUruguay Mathias Suarez loses due to injury (inside LemosEqual with Brazil, touches) the Richarliso This is the incarnation of valuable helpIt & # 39; Ney& # 39 ;. Also in the final Vecino (internal Valverde all & # 39; 87 & # 39;) and yellow also takes Cavani but the result no longer changes and finally the party Brazil.

Before the match London In the game, there were some difficulties to qualify for the African Cup. Morocco Juventus & # 39; s Benatia andEgypt old romanist Salah

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