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Bonaccini-Borgonzoni duel on TV «I won on my own» »League answers»

ROME I don't need nannies alone, if I win and if possible, I'll have to direct Emilia-Romagna as I have done so far. May this vote serve a lie to the Count government. Ministers and lawmakers are welcome if they want to come, I just want autonomy to solve the problems first, they claim only Stefano Bonaccini, who is a candidate for the Democratic Party. Five stars? They can take the responsibility of choosing me.

Did I accompany you? The newspapers that only chased me when I was with Salvini, but they all represented a party, whether or not they ran for a good part of the league, Union Senator Lucia Borgonzoni (Meloni remains cold) Description: We support the leagues. because we can give answers that the left can no longer give. The Emilians and the Romans vote, but since there is a maneuver that affects and influences our region, it is clear that the debate has reached a national level.

He is 43 years old, already thirteen years old baby League actor, Fine Arts diploma, brown hair, featured in the white shirt, she 52, bersaniane roots, scientific high school, drop-shaped glasses and beard beard, prince of Wales without tie, two competitors in the surveys for the conquest of the Emilia-Romagna region – those who can save or stand up Number 2 – forced themselves for the first time in their work cartabian byIn Raitre's first handshake with a pro camera, by Bianca Berlinguer. But for a moment it has already shortened admission times (Finch c & Bonaccini, the poor will be treated like the rich), compensation payments to earthquake victims, funds for the protection of district and public housing, bypassing you and vice versa.

Governor runs for confident bis: More than 200 mayors from Emilia and Romagna with me, the priority is ius soli, not hydrogeological risk. In the last months of diet and training at dawn, she lost 9 pounds, doing abs and published a photo on social media; And he reiterated that he worked between 12 and 14 hours in the rivals accusing him of low efficiency. Italy can now rely on the movement of sisal, where Piazza Maggiore, which can swim all over, is the League to be rejected.

Bellicosa (Parliamo di Bibbiano shirt)His father enrolled in the Democratic Party where he had cut the bridges (we have not lived under the same roof since he was six), Lucia Borgonzoni stood out as a city council in 2014, where he received a slap from a Sinti during an inspection. nomadic camp. Since then, Salvini first promoted him to the Undersecretariat for Cultural Heritage in the yellow-green government, and later launched the PalaDozza congress and the presidential race of the historic red fort. Even then, as with most people, it was once wrong, and in one article he called it Bergonzoni. First we freed the Emilia-Romagna region, then we freed Italy, Captain storms on Facebook. Since the first polls are at least ambiguous, there is still much to do without pedaling.

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